The Best Transcription Software of 2018: Top 5 Compared

A few short years ago, having an audio file transcribed wasn’t an easy process.

You needed to hire a human transcriber, who often took hours and hours to transcribe even a short file — and for a price.

Business owners were forced to make a decision between cost and quality, which left them without an efficient transcription option.

However – thanks to technology, of course – this isn’t necessarily the case anymore.

With the help of new tools and globalization, it’s now easier than ever to have an audio file accurately transcribed without breaking the bank. Transcription software allows you to easily transcribe videos, webinars, meetings, keynotes, and more so that you can display text content on your website, in emails, or even just to have on file.

Not only does this make your life easier, but it also appeals to customers and clients who may prefer or need to read a piece of content instead of listening to a recording or watching a video.

There are dozens of transcription services on the market, and in order to get the best-quality transcription, you want to work with software you know is reliable. To help take some of the guesswork off your hands, here is a breakdown of five of the best transcription tools of 2018.

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1. Rev

Rev uses their own network of handpicked freelance transcribers to ensure users are getting high-quality transcriptions quickly and at an affordable price. As a one-stop shop for all your transcriptions, subtitles, or translation needs, Rev offers a number of services to their clients.

Rev is a solid option for entrepreneurs or business owners who only need transcription services here and there. They don’t lock you into a monthly commitment, which is perfect for companies with varying transcription needs or one-off projects. Rev also promises 99% accuracy and a turnaround time of 12 hours.

Transcription services at Rev are $1 per minute. Adding captions or subtitles to videos also begins at $1 per minute, with additional costs for added features.

2. Trint

Trint’s CEO and founder, Jeff Kofman, began as a reporter and foreign correspondent, having manually transcribed speeches, lectures, conferences, and more throughout his career. His goal in creating Trint was to revolutionize the otherwise tedious and time-consuming industry of transcribing.

Trint’s rallying cry is “Transcripts You Can Trust” – a phrase that was adopted after a call with a senior VP for CNN. Trint is the perfect transcription software for companies with ongoing transcription needs. They offer monthly subscriptions and business packages to easily fit your workflows.

Trint offers a “Pay As You Go” option, starting at $15/hour of uploaded content. You can also save by buying the “Basic” or “Supercharged” auto-renew subscriptions.

3. Descript

Descript is a transcription software powered by Google Speech that can quickly and accurately convert your audio files into text. Descript offers two services: automatic transcription or white quality transcription.

With automatic transcription, you can get your transcription in under 5 minutes with 95% accuracy. This is great if you need a file transcribed almost immediately. However, you need to ensure you have a high-quality file. Their White Glove option is powered by human transcribers capable of tackling low-quality files or if you’re looking for even more accuracy.

Descript’s automatic plan begins at 7 cents a minute. Their White Glove software costs $1 a minute.

4. Temi

Temi is another automatic transcription service that can turn around your files in only a few minutes. Within their tool, you can make your own edits and watch your document be transcribed as the video plays.

Temi offers a 90-95% accuracy rate for high-quality files. However, they typically cannot use files with heavy accents or crosstalk, meaning it’s not the right tool for everyone.

Pricing for Temi begins at $.10 per minute, although they do offer a free trial.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr isn’t a typical transcription service. This all-inclusive freelancer marketplace is often used for everything from design to marketing. However, it’s also a great place to find a transcriber for a cost-efficient price.

On Fiverr, individuals are offering their services for just $5. While each freelancer will have their own rules and regulations for what projects they’re willing to accept, it can be a great place to get started — especially if you’re only looking to complete a small project. If you meet a freelancer you like, you can hire them for larger projects at a larger price.

Pricing on Fiverr begins at $5, typically for ten minutes of audio, and prices can increase from there.

We can’t help you with transcriptions, but we can help with many other online marketing activities. Download our 35 Task Ideas for a sample of what we do for business all around the world.


Who Are the Winners?

So what transcription software take the gold medal for 2018? Let’s take a look.

The Most Accurate:

Rev. You can’t beat a 99% accuracy guarantee!

The Most Affordable:

Trint. At just $15/hour for a human transcriber, you won’t find a better price.

The Fastest Turnaround:

Descript. You’ll get 95% accuracy in only five minutes!

It’s always important to find a tool that fits your unique needs. Many of these types of software offer free trials, so go ahead and test them out to see which fits your preferences the best.

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