The Best Marketing Plugins for WooCommerce You’ll Want to Use

The Best Marketing Plugin for WooCommerce Blog Pos

With the right add-ons, your WooCommerce website could become a marketing powerhouse. Take a look at some of the best options available. No one could have predicted that a WordPress plugin would develop into a massive e-commerce platform. Yet that’s precisely what happened with WooCommerce. Since its inception in 2011, the platform has amassed an…

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Launching a New Website – The 10 Best Practices to Follow

Developing a new website can be challenging, especially when starting from scratch. Here are the practices that can help you ensure success. Growing your own business requires a proper marketing strategy. And one of its foundations is a website to direct prospects to. But designing and developing your website is easier said than done. It…

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Seven Tips and Tricks for Creating a Faster Website

Is your website’s performance losing you, customers? Find out how to speed up your site and ensure that prospects stick around, instead of bouncing to the competition. Did you know how your website speed affects a user’s behavior? It’s a subject that many major online companies have researched extensively. Take Amazon as an example. They…

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need to build forms for your website? Discover the features that make Jotform the ideal choice

Quality website forms make a huge difference to your conversion rates. Find out why JotForm may be the best tool for you to create great forms. Your goal with your landing pages is to capture the details of as many leads as possible. You’ve spent hours tightening up the content and ensuring the page aligns…

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The Six Elements that Your Landing Page Needs to Contain

The prospect has clicked the link and hit your landing page. Now, you need to make sure this page offers everything that they expect to see. A basic ad campaign goes something like this: You create the ad that gets shared on the platform of your choosing. The ad contains a link, which a prospect…

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The Yoast Plugin Review – Does it Offer Everything That You Need for SEO

As powerful as WordPress is, it doesn’t offer many tools for search engine optimisation (SEO). Yoast is a plugin that claims to offer those tools. But is it up to the task? SEO is a key concern for any coach who has their own website. You face a ton of competition in the online space.…

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Seven Interesting WordPress Plugins That Use Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is changing the way that you market. There are several WordPress plugins that take advantage of this technology. Here are seven that you need to know about. WordPress is one of the most powerful website building tools available today. On the basic level, you can build and manage a website without ever having…

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Five WordPress Plugins That Improve Website Usability

WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems available. And with these plugins, you can make it even better. WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). W3techs says that WordPress accounts for about 58% of all websites that use a CMS. And according to Netcraft, about 75 million websites use…

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How to Improve Your WordPress Site Speed and Performance

WordPress site speed

We’re all used to having what we want exactly when we want it. We live in an age of convenience, where everything we need is right in reach. Unfortunately, this means we’ve become impatient. Because we’re no longer used to waiting, we expect everything to appear right when we want it. This is especially true…

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The Best WordPress Form Plugins for Coaching Sites [2018]

wordpress form plugins

Bringing a new lead to your website is just one step towards growing your coaching business. In order to convert leads into paying customers, they also need to be able to contact you easily. There are various ways you can nudge your website visitors to connect with you after they come to your page. However,…

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