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If you have anyone else in your team who will be submitting tasks on your behalf it would be great to have them on the Kickoff call. We’ll be covering off on how to use our task portal to ensure you and your team are ready to go

We will be beginning the website onboarding process for the website you selected shortly.
Send Your Task Requests To: concierge@automationagency.com
Send All Other Enquiries To: support@automationagency.com

While you’re waiting for your onboarding call, we want to welcome you to our web portal!

Our portal is the system that you use to manage all the details regarding your Automation Agency account. You can use it to submit tasks, manage your active and queued tasks, provide feedback and mark tasks complete, update your settings, and more.

To activate or create your login, click this link and enter your email. From there, click on reset password and it will send a link to your inbox to activate your account. If you do this and don't see the email, please be sure to check your Spam or Updates folder.

The activation link will expire within one hour, so please do this when you have time to set it up. If it does expire, just click the email link again and resend your invite.

If you're wondering how to request a new task from the web portal, check out this guide. To access the portal, visit: https://portal.automationagency.com

If you have anyone else on your team who will be submitting tasks on your behalf, you can invite them to create an account right from your settings page.

Note: Only the account owner can invite new requestors



  1. Send In Your Task Request
    • All task communication is via email or web portal
    • Send your Email to concierge@automationagency.com
    • Send each task individually as a separate email
    • Use unique and descriptive subject lines
  2. Reply and Send Follow Ups To Unique Task Conversation
    • You receive a unique Ref # with every task request
    • From your point of view it's Email - from ours it's a sophisticated tracking system
    • All communication on a task is tracked by the subject line (new tasks need new subject lines, replies to old tasks should reply to old email chain)
    • To be fast and efficient all conversations are silo'd inside each task
    • Information needed for multiple tasks, you should provide the information with EACH individual task or provide the ref # to the previous task that contains the information
  3. Task will be assigned to a relevant Support Hero who will then review your request
    • Is the task for one of our Supported Platforms?
    • Are the task instructions clear?
    • Is the task request a service or skillset we provide?
    • Is the task in scope and completable within the time limit of a task or does it require quoting?
  4. Assigned Hero begins working on the task
    • We may request further information such as logins, samples etc..
    • We may request clarification or approval before proceeding with actions
    • Our belief is it's better to take longer to complete a task than to get it wrong



Tasks may be submitted 24x7, however Concierge™ Heroes and Automation Agency Customer Service team operate during defined business hours.

Concierge™ Hero Hours:

8am Monday to 1am Saturday - Sydney, Australia
5pm Sunday to 10am Friday - New York, United States
2pm Sunday to 7am Friday - Los Angeles, United States
10pm Sunday to 3pm Friday - London, United Kingdom

Customer Service Hours:

11am Monday to 8pm Friday - Sydney, Australia




Concierge™ provides enormous value at an extremely reasonable price, and to do that we have some clear policies around boundaries and fair use.

  1. A task will always follow your plan's turnaround time except if the task is tagged as complex by the Automation Agency hero and might require splitting into a new task.
  2. Each task is to be sent in separately with a unique descriptive subject/title
  3. Tasks are only performed on tools listed on our Supported Platform List
  4. Tasks and Sites included in a plan are for your business only and does not include client work
  5. Specific and strategic advice is not included as part of concierge, platform recommendations can be made through providing multiple options. The final decision will be your responsibility

OK... Time To Get Started