Growing an Email List by 700% Using ActiveCampaign (A Teton Sports Case Study)

Carl Taylor | February 12, 2019

Growing an Email List by 700% Using ActiveCampaign (A Teton Sports Case Study)

Growing an Email List by 700% Using ActiveCampaign (A Teton Sports Case Study)

The larger your email list, the more clients you can target with your ActiveCampaign automations. You can use the platform to build a solid email list.

You’re likely using ActiveCampaign right now to run some automated email campaigns. The platform makes it super easy to create templated emails and send them to current and future clients.

However, your email list is looking a little small. You need to build it up so that you can get the most out of your campaigns.

ActiveCampaign isn’t just a tool for sending out marketing emails. It can also help you to build out your email list, which unlocks more campaigns for you to try.

When used to its full potential, ActiveCampaign can essentially act as a CRM for your business. It helps you collect client data from a range of sources and provides you with the means to use that data to benefit your business.

“How?” is the question you have on your mind now.

Here’s an example of a company that used the platform to give their email list a huge boost.

The Case Study – Teton Sports

Teton Sports had a lot already going for them before they started using ActiveCampaign.

An outdoor goods and apparel retailer, they’d built quite a following on social media. Their clever hashtags, which included #GetOutdoors and #HikerChat, had gained some traction. And they’d managed to get their products in front of new audiences thanks to their social media campaign.

But they knew they could do more.

With such a huge range of products, they identified targeted campaigns as being key to building up their email list.

The Key Challenge

The outdoor niche is absolutely massive in terms of available products. That’s the challenge that Teton Sports faced. They offer a huge range of outdoor accessories, which meant they had several target markets.

Their current campaigns weren’t doing the trick for them. The company wasn’t targeting audiences with the products that would be most likely to interest them.

Teton Sports wanted to create more targeted campaigns to get the right products in front of the right people. This would achieve more sales, which would grow their email list for retargeting and follow-up offers.

How Can You Grow Your Email List

How Teton Sports Used ActiveCampaign to Solve Their Issue

Teton Sports had to identify what customers showed interest in before sending emails.

That’s where ActiveCampaign helped. They used the following techniques to create more targeted marketing campaigns:

Custom Forms

Teton Sports moved away from their standard data capture forms and started using custom forms. With these forms, they could encourage people to specify exactly what they had an interest in.

All of this data got tagged in ActiveCampaign. This ensured customers only received information about their specific interests.

Link Tracking

Have you ever wondered where your leads come from? That’s a question that ActiveCampaign’s link tracking can help you solve.

This technique helps you to track the links people use to access your website. As a result, it’s helpful in identifying your best lead sources, which can influence your marketing efforts.

Site Tracking

This is one of the most underappreciated features that ActiveCampaign offers. Teton Sports used site tracking to figure out what people do when they reach their website.

Site tracking helps you to figure out which of your pages lead to the most conversions. You can also identify which pages need a little extra work. With site tracking, you can create a smoother website journey that leads to more people submitting inquiries.


As your campaign grows, you’re going to develop several automations. ActiveCampaign allows you to tag customer details based on whatever you feel is the most important information.

With tagging, Teton Sports could take someone who interacted with them via one of their social media campaigns. For example, they could tag someone who used the #HikerChat hashtag as having an interest in hiking. From there, they could plug that user into an automation that sends hiking-related content to the user. Thus, they achieve the targeting they’d hoped for and are more likely to get the user’s details.

The Results

With these techniques, Teton Sport could create more targeted marketing campaigns. This meant they got the right messages in front of their customers. Thus, they made more sales and built their email list.

We’ll leave it to the company’s Head of Marketing and Development to explain more:

“We’ve 7X’d our email database all with the implementation of ActiveCampaign.”


How Can You Grow Your Email List?

Teton Sports used several key ActiveCampaign features to create targeted marketing campaigns.

However, this doesn’t cover every way that the platform can help you build your email list. Here are three more tips for using ActiveCampaign to get email addresses.

Tip #1 – Use a Good Landing Page Builder

ActiveCampaign helps you to track activity on your landing pages. But you need a great landing page in the first place if you’re going to build your email list.

The good news is that you don’t need a ton of technical knowledge to create your landing page. With the right tools, you won’t even need to enter a single line of code.

A landing page builder helps you to put all of the key elements in place. These include your images, content, and capture forms.

The trick lies in finding the right tool for the job. A good landing page builder offers flexibility, customisation, and a range of templates.

Happily for you, we’ve already tested a bunch of landing page builders for you. Check out our list so you can find something that does the job.

A great landing page encourages people to get in touch with you. That means more emails to go into your list.

Tip #2 – Build Forms Using ActiveCampaign

Every good landing page needs a form. You could create one yourself. However, you may run into trouble when it comes to integrating the form with ActiveCampaign. Using an incompatible form building platform means you don’t get to use ActiveCampaign to its fullest.

Thankfully, the platform provides you with a handy solution. ActiveCampaign features its own form builder, which you can use to create basic forms. You can then install these into your website and make them a part of any automations that you create.

For example, let’s say you use one of the landing page tools mentioned in the blog post that we linked to earlier. You could install an ActiveCampaign form into that page to capture user details. Those details then get plugged into your automation for use in your marketing campaigns.

You can create as many forms as you want as well. That means you can conduct A/B testing with different form layouts until you find the one that achieves the most conversions.

Just send a task to us if you need help creating your new forms.

Tip #3 – Use Facebook Custom Audience Integration

Let’s say that you’ve already collected the email addresses of a group of prospects using the techniques we’ve already looked at.

Unfortunately, those prospects aren’t responding to your emails. You may tag them as disengaged and assume that you can’t do anything else with them.

That’s not always the case. Some of your customers may prefer using social media over email to communicate with you.

That’s where the Facebook Custom Audience integration comes in. You can use this to create automations that target your prospects via Facebook instead of via email.

This allows you to target that particular audience with Facebook Ads that they’re more likely to respond to. This is a great way of reviving the dead leads in your list, thus boosting your email list again.

This is also another task that Automation Agency can complete for you.

 The Takeaway

The Takeaway

Teton Sports shows us how you can use ActiveCampaign to target audience niches. They achieved amazing engagement this way, which allowed them to grow their email list seven times over.

There are also other things that you can do to build your email list. Creating a great landing page is a good starting point and there are plenty of tools that can help. Integrating ActiveCampaign forms into those landing pages makes it easier for you to collect user details.

Plus, you can use Facebook Custom Audience integration to revive dead leads in your list.

Automation Agency can help with all of this. Just send a task through today to find out more.

Or perhaps you’re not working with us just yet and want to find out if we’re a good fit for you? Just take a couple of moments to chat with our Facebook chatbot to find out.



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