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How Approve Me Used ActiveCampaign to Grow Profits by 1600%

Carl Taylor | March 11, 2019

So you have ActiveCampaign and have started to get to grips with automation. Now, let’s look at some ways to turn the platform into a profit-making machine.

You have ActiveCampaign and you’ve created a few basic automations. In most cases, people use the platform to manage their marketing campaigns. You may already have a few automated email blasts created for that very purpose.

What you may not know is that the platform has a lot more interesting features that can help your business. When you get it right, you can turn ActiveCampaign into a profit-making machine.

The platform can help you to cut costs and improve your profits. You may just need to get a little more creative in terms of how you use it.
We’re going to share some tips on how Automation Agency can help you do just that. But first, let’s look at a company that enjoyed a massive profit boost thanks to ActiveCampaign.


The Case Study – ApproveMe

ApproveMe is a service that makes handling legal documentation easier than ever before. Its particular focus is on the documents that small businesses send back and forth when creating agreements. This platform ensures that paperwork doesn’t get lost in email threads.

Instead, it keeps it all collected and easy to access in a central location. It also produces contracts that courts actually recognise.
Incidentally, you can install it on your WordPress website and it has no monthly fees.

It’s a smart service that a lot of small business owners could use. But the company still struggled to attract new users.

How ApproveMe Used ActiveCampaign

ApproveMe used ActiveCampaign to handle everything from their launch and post-launch periods. They also used it to boost profits through ongoing support.

Let’s break it all down.

The Launch

During the launch phase, ApproveMe took the clever step of moving their focus towards marketing over the product itself.

They built a website and encouraged feedback from potential users. People opted into the conversation about the product by sending their email addresses across. These email addresses were then plugged into an ActiveCampaign automation. This started sending information to them.

Those who signed up received a survey email asking them about the features they like and dislike from similar services. Plus, they became part of a pre-notification launch group that would receive a discount.

ApproveMe handled this via ActiveCampaign. They successfully built a buzz around their product before launching.


ApproveMe used ActiveCampaign to keep their momentum going after launching.

They offered a demo on their website, which helped them to capture user data. This is where ActiveCampaign came in. ApproveMe plugged the customer data from those who signed up for the demo into an automation. Most importantly, they tagged those who’d signed their demo contract with a “Tried Demo” tag.

This highlighted the hottest leads as those with the tag had actively engaged with the demo.

ApproveMe then used ActiveCampaign to send emails depending on lead status. Those who hadn’t tried the demo received emails prompting them to give it a try. Those who had tried it received emails encouraging them to check out the full version.

Site Tracking

ActiveCampaign has a site tracking feature that allows you to see what people do when they’re on your website. If you have a WordPress site, it’s as simple as installing a plug-in (which Automation Agency can help you do).

With tracking implemented, ApproveMe built a complex automation. It sent emails based on how users interacted with their website.

We refer to this as behavioural targeting. It involves sending the right emails at the right time depending on where the customer is in your sales funnel.
Implementing site tracking helped ApproveMe boost their sales by 110%.

Customer Support

Offering ongoing support is a crucial aspect of ApproveMe’s business model.

The company identified the potential in refund requests. They offered them an opportunity to learn more about how to improve their product.
Using ActiveCampaign, they created an automation that sends an email to anyone who requests a refund. This email lets the user know exactly what’s happening and encourages them to send feedback.

ApproveMe says that about 80% of customers provide useful feedback as a result of this email.

They’ve also created a “Getting Started” video, which they send out to brand new clients. This onboarding automation reduced customer service requests by 7%. This frees up more time for the team to focus on improving their product.

The Results

We’ve covered some of the amazing results that ApproveMe achieved through their use of ActiveCampaign.

Combining these automations helped the company boost their profits by 1,600%. They also handle customer support better than their competitors. Plus, they receive regular feedback on their product.

How Can You Use ActiveCampaign to Boost Sales?

ApproveMe provides plenty of insight into how you can use ActiveCampaign to boost your profits. Their use of site tracking is especially important as this is something that many people overlook.

There’s plenty more that you can do to get those sales numbers ticking up. Here are three more tips that may give you a boost.

Tip #1 – Know When to Send Your Emails

This is something that ApproveMe did very well. Their emails targeted users based on the actions they’d taken. As such, they delivered the correct messages at the exact times that people hit either a pain or a decision point.

But you can dig deeper than this.

It’s also important to know which time of day will make it most likely for your emails to get opened. Sending an email at the wrong time can lead to it getting lost among all the other fluff in the user’s inbox.

Unfortunately, it often takes a little A/B testing to figure out what time you should send your emails. However, ActiveCampaign does provide some useful information.

Head to your reports dashboard and select the “Hourly Open Trend” option. This provides data that shows you exactly how many people open the emails you send at different times.

The peak opening periods are when you should send the majority of your emails. However, the data may also offer up some smaller peaks that highlight potential opportunities for campaigns.

Tip #2 – Use Facebook Chatbots

Chatbots are one of the most accessible artificial intelligence (AI) solutions available on the market. You can use them to handle basic customer interactions and reduce the amount of money spent on customer support.

You can integrate chatbots into Facebook Messenger to engage your customers. The majority of your customers have Facebook accounts. As such, you can use Facebook chatbots to provide them with instant information.

But that’s not all.

Automation Agency can help you to integrate with ManyChat. This allows you to collect the data gathered from Facebook chatbot sessions in ActiveCampaign. From there, you can build automations that send messages to users based on the interactions they have with your chatbot.
This helps you to reduce the cost of your customer support. A user may ask a question to your chatbot. When the chatbot answers, this conversation gets tagged and plugged into an automation that sends a follow-up email.

All of that happens without you spending time on the conversation. That means you’re not spending money, which ultimately leads to improved profits.

Tip #3 – Troubleshoot Existing Automations to Drive Up Efficiency

Your existing automations may hold the key to increasing your profits. It’s possible that they have inefficiencies that you haven’t caught. These issues can lead to the wrong messages getting sent. Or, they can cause delays that allow leads to go cold before you’ve had the chance to capitalise on them.

It’s often easy to tell that an automation isn’t working 100% correctly. What’s difficult is finding the exact cause. In many cases, it’s something as simple as a condition tweak.

With the right help, you can figure out what’s going wrong. Automation Agency can take that task out of your hands, which again frees up your time. You end up with a better automation that can boost your profits.

The Takeaway

ApproveMe offers plenty of examples of how you can use ActiveCampaign to handle a product launch. They also demonstrate several automations that can help you to boost your profits.

Combine those with the tips that we’ve provided and you can turn ActiveCampaign into a profit-making machine.

Automation Agency can provide you with all of the help you need. Just send a task through to us today to get started.

There are plenty more ways to leverage ActiveCampaign to your benefit too. Download our Outsourced Task Ideas for Business Using ActiveCampaign whitepaper to learn more.

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