How to Increase Seminar Attendance With A Follow-Up Sequence

how to increase seminar attendance

You’ve spent all kinds of money and time promoting and trying to fill your next seminar event. You’ve done so much work already, that it feels like you should be done, right?

But even though you’ve had a lot of people sign up for the event, how do you know they’re actually going to come? You’ve booked a venue with 100 seats, but what if only two people show up?

After everything you’ve invested, you’d hate for your seminar to be a flop. That nagging feeling can really keep you up at night.

Yet, all of this worrying and fretting over people attending the event isn’t inevitable. There is a way out. Below you’ll learn how you can increase seminar attendance and how to use a follow-up sequence to automate the process.

The Solution to Seminar Attendance Woes

The solution to all of this worrying is learning how to maximize your show-up rate. You might have had 500 people sign up, but getting them to follow through is another thing altogether.

Your work isn’t finished the moment they sign up. You need to continuously engage with them to get them excited about the event. If they’re ambivalent, there’s a good chance they won’t come.

So how do you ignite that spark of excitement?

You constantly re-sell them on the benefits of the event. You speak to their pain points and highlight how you’ll help to resolve them if they show up. You dive into the topics you’re going to cover and the tangible results they’ll see just from showing up.

You don’t want to sell them once to sign up for the event and that’s it. The reason they registered for your event, that is your golden ticket.

That is the thing you’re going to speak to again and again. Until they show up.

Utilize the Power of a Follow-Up Sequence

By having a show-up sequence you’ll be able to keep your attendees engaged and excited about the seminar. To get the most traction out of your sequence, it’s wise to combine email, SMS, and even direct mail if there’s a long event lead time.

Also, make sure your follow-up sequence adds value. Think about other seminars or online events you’ve registered for. What were their emails like? Did they turn you off from the event? Or did they get you excited to come?

Think about what style of email series spoke to you and emulate that. The idea of always leading with value is a good thing to keep in mind when crafting your emails.

Still aren’t sure what to send? Here’s an example of what your follow-up sequence might look like:

increase seminar attendance with follow up sequence

The follow-up sequence above will help to build an urgency for the event and constantly get people excited. We highly recommend using this as a template for your own seminar sequence!

However, setting up a show-up sequence does take time. Yet another thing to add to your plate! If you are currently using Infusionsoft, Ontraport, or ActiveCampaign and want a team that will help you set this up, then we can do just that.

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