Leverage With Your Concierge Co-Pilot

Cut Your Time In Half and
Stay Focused On The Bigger Picture with a Designated Project Manager

Imagine having a co-pilot inside your Concierge Membership...

Requesting tasks on your behalf

Replying back to the team and ensuring that what's been asked for has been achieved

Keeping track of projects that run across multiple tasks

And all of this happening without your involvement...

Introducing the Project Manager Addon!

By adding one to your account you work directly with your own designated Project Manager within your favourite collaboration tools, passing them projects rather than tasks and letting them take care of breaking it down into Automation Agency tasks and communicating with the expert heroes so you can stay focused on the bigger picture.

What is Project Management Add-On?

An Automation Agency project manager is an Addon to our standard Concierge Plans, designed to help you free up time, reduce friction and easily plan, manage and build your digital marketing projects and activities with the Automation Agency team.

Your Project Manager can...

  • Take your Projects and break them into tasks for the team
  • Be available inside your Project Management & Team Chat tools
  • Jump on a Weekly Zoom Call with you and your team
  • Provide daily updates on your project & tasks
  • Be the first line of communication with our team to minimise unnecessary back & forth
  • Take well documented Recurring Tasks and action them (even in Unsupported Platforms)
  • Get to know your unique business over time
    and much more...

Work with your Project Manager in your Favourite Project Management and Team Communication Tools


Limited Time Offer:
Free Social Media Scheduling (You Save $200/m)

For a limited time, you also get our Social Media Scheduling Addon (normally $200/m) included FREE with your Project Manager Addon.

We'll upload and schedule your content across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more using your Scheduling Tool (like Buffer, Later etc..) or through the native Social Media interfaces (like Facebook Creator Studio etc..) for Stories and Posts

Combine this with Automation Agency's Design & Video Heroes you'll never run our of Social Media content again.

Social Media

Project Manager Add-On Pricing


On Top of Your Concierge Plan

This is not


  • You want to take charge of your tasks and manage them by yourself
  • You are needing general VA/Admin tasks like gathering data, researching, and answering emails for you.
  • You're currently on a Concierge Plan with 1 Active Task at a time (This requires 3+ active tasks to be effective)
  • You are in the US and want a PM that is online when you are. (Our PMs can currently only service US clients in Australian Timezone)
  • You are wanting a Marketing Strategist and Project Manager in one (PM's are amazing at managing projects, and making suggestions but they aren't trained marketing strategists)
This is


  • You want to free yourself from sending and managing your Automation Agency tasks.
  • You have clear projects but need help to break them down into smaller tasks to send to our team
  • You are in the US, UK and other international countries and find it difficult to communicate with the team due to the time difference.
  • You want to maximize your plan and make sure you always have tasks on your account.
  • You want advice on some of your projects and need to talk to someone from the team on a regular basis.
  • You're more a bigger picture thinker, and the smaller details can frustrate you

Gianluca Malacrino - The Contractor Consultants

Common Questions

These are some our most asked question which should help you get to know us better. If you still have questions feel free to email us directly!

Is the amount on top of my existing monthly plan?

Yes. Your existing monthly membership gives you access to the pool of skilled heroes, this is an addon to give you a Designated Project Manager allocated to your account who you build a more direct relationship with that interfaces between you and the hero team.

I'm currently on a grandfathered plan which only has 1 active task at a time. Is this for me?

No, this is not for you as with only 1 task at a time you’ll find projects move too slowly to warrant working with a Project Manager. If you’d like to get some help you would first need to upgrade to a plan with at least 3 Active Tasks at a time.

Can a PM help me with Social Media Scheduling?

Yes for a limited time we have a promotion giving new Project Manager clients access to our Social Media Scheduling addon completely free. You will need to have the contents ready (or be using our heroes to create the content) your PM won’t write or create the content but they will take care of the uploading and scheduling.

Is there a lock in commitment?

No, the Project Manager Addon is a month by month addon. Even if you are currently on an Annual pricing plan for your Concierge Membership, your Project Manager is paid monthly and you can cancel at any time with 15 days notice.