What SEO Companies Don’t Want You To Know

So many people talk about SEO and “how do I get my content out there and get higher in the search engines”.

What are The Core Fundamentals of SEO?

SEO as far as I am concerned is dead. In fact, if you want to know the truth, SEO never really changed from its core fundamentals which is create, amazingly good content that people want to share.

All the manipulation. Building of backlinks. All the stuffs that these SEO providers want to sell you. It’s going to end up hurting you later.

You’re going to spend all this money, they’re going to create back links and do things that google really don’t like because you’re trying to manipulating your rankings.

“But my competitors are doing it” I hear you say… Yes, your competitors might be doing it.
Eventually Google’s going to change the algorithm, like they keep doing and it’s going to get them slapped. What’s known as Google slap and they are going to end up falling all the way down.
Sometimes the damage is even worse than just a loss of rankings. It can actually mean you have to change your domain name because its reputation is ruined and too hard to try and undo all the bad SEO techniques.

Two Key Things to Improve Rankings Without Using SEO

1. Build Valuable Content

So, here’s the big take one. SEO is dead. What you need to focus on is two key things. Build amazing content that is valuable and people like.

2. Encourage Sharing

Encourage and make it easy for people to share. If you need some help around these, we’ve got content packs and blog promotion packs. And the way we do our blog promotions is only focus on some basic on-page SEO.

There are some SEO strategies that you can be using – these are the ones Google want you to do (what we call OnPage SEO), but at the end of the day it’s about making it easy for people to share and helping them share the content out.

It’s Your Turn… What are Your Mistakes and Experiences with SEO?

So leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you. What’s been your experiences, working with SEO providers or are you an SEO provider? What are your biggest mistakes you’ve made? I’d love to hear. I do personally believe that SEO is dead. Focus on great content instead.

If you need some help to get your content out there and be more consistent with your blogging, then check out our content packs. We’ve love to give you some assistance and help you make it simple to take the techie stuff so you can go with a business that works so you don’t have to.

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