A Virtual Marketing Task Team at Your Fingertips


Our Story

Carl Taylor had a vision of building a business that allowed him freedom to enjoy the things life has to offer. His path to realizing this dream was unique as he explored many avenues - from IT to life and business coaching to selling courses and marketing.

One common theme in all of his ventures was seeing that entrepreneurs needed help getting out of the weeds of their business and leveraging automation to grow their business without the tremendous cost of a big agency.

This led to the creation Automation Agency.


Meet Our Team

Funnel &
Automation Heroes

We make sure you get your tools talking to each other and add smart marketing tech like Email. SMS, Funnels and more to your business.

Website Development & Maintenance Heroes

We make sure you keep your business running 24/7 with high a functioning and up-to-date website.

Graphic Design Heroes

We make sure you put your best foot forward with professional designs for your website, social media and overall business.

Video Editing Heroes

We make sure you show your business in its best light with video and animation.

Project Management Heroes

We take care of your marketing to-do list so you can focus on growing your business.

All of this,

at your fingertips.

Now you can finally make that dream happen by offloading your marketing tasks to our team of heroes.

Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark - Duo Marketing Group

Working with the team is a big benefit. You understand the platform, you're fast, and being able to have the idea and pass it off to a team to accomplish is a big benefit.