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Video Editing
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What We Do:

Hardcoded Captions (Subtitling)

Subtitle is a caption displayed at the bottom of a video that translates or transcribes the dialogue or narrative.

Hard Coded
Basic Audio

Basic Audio Edits

Basic audio edits are by removing background noise which can be heard while listening to original audio.

Basic Color Grading

Basic Color Grading is the editing of the way colors appear on film in videos. With color grading, you can make scenes more lifelike, achieve a specific look, or infuse emotion into a scene.

Basic Color Grading


Censoring is by blurring an object to a video by means of motion tracking.

Instagram Videos

Instagram videos are short video clips that include subtitles, basic animation, and audio spectrum.

Instagram Video
Facebook Videos

Facebook Videos

Fb videos are short video clips that include subtitles, basic animation, and audio spectrum.

Audio Spectrum

Audio spectrum

Audio spectrum is a display of the different frequencies present in a sound. It's basically created in Adobe After Effects.

Timeline Loader

Timeline Loader is a display of animated timeline that is synced on the video length.

Timeline Loader
Holiday Promo Basic Animation

Holiday promo
Basic Animation
(ex: Christmas)

Holiday promo Basic Animation is a video specifically created for Christmas promos such as sales, rush sales, closing time, and opening time.

Canva Simple

With Canva simple animation you can easily add Instant Animation to social posts, presentations, or anywhere else you need to make a stunning visual impression. Simply click once to animate, then download as a GIF or video format.

Canva Simple Animation
Basic Green

Basic Green
keying (Depends
on the video)

Basic Green Screen is by digitally removing or “keying out” that color, you can drop that scene onto the background of your choice in post-production. Removing the colored background is also referred to as “chroma keying.”

Simple GIF

We can now create animated GIFs through Canva or Premiere

  • Images slide animation
  • Loop animation
  • Color change animation
  • Animated Text GIF
  • Instagram ads GIF
  • FB ads GIF
Simple GIF

How/What to include in your Video Edit tasks:

  • All video clips must be supplied to us (we don’t create any videos)
  • The Contrast of subject and background must be correct.
  • Background be large enough to fill your screen, smooth enough to take light evenly without showing wrinkles or casting shadows.
  • Subtitles must be provided by you in a ready-made .SRT file for captions (we can adjust timing and sizes)
  • Preferably provide 720p/1080p videos for edit and in (standard social media format) MP4 video format to keep quality High
  • Video example references are advisable to get your desired outcome
  • Provide background music or any images to include if needed
  • Provide a simple storyboard/steps for us to follow through in editing a video

Out of Coverage:

  • Customising/creating complex animations/effects for intro, outro, transitions, and other elements
  • Motion graphics/Animated materials
  • Documentary-like videos
  • Transcribing captions
  • Editing videos that are longer than a 10-minute video that isn't simple top & tail clips.
  • Editing green screen videos that are longer than 10-minutes
  • Complex sound editing
  • Motion Tracking
  • Montages
  • Music video
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Post-classical video editing
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Highly recommend Automation Agency. They edit my videos every week. Been using them for nearly a year. Quick turnaround. Nice people. Great for repetitive tasks so you can get on with business.