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"Previously I had some security problems with my wordpress websites and I wanted to make sure they were consistently taken care of.

Now with concierge, I never worry about wordpress updates or security or theme updates, and if i get an email about something i can literally action it on my phone by forwarding it to automation agency on the spot, and never have to think about it.

Plus I also had a heap of tiny unimportant tasks that were sucking my time, and never getting done now my websites and ontraport are all up to date, and if there's a problem i don't have to put time aside to nut out why it's happening (or deal with support when something goes wrong).

If you're spending your time on the technical and not on visualising how things could be in your business, then get the automation agency to do it for you, and your life and your business will get so much better so much sooner."

Cindy Tonkin

"Before I found Automation Agency's concierge service I didn't get much done on my website or for landing pages, and if I did, it cost a fortune!

I LOVE your service - it's so easy.

As I find little things that irritate me about the website etc I ask and they are done – and quickly too, such as incorrect formatting, or words misspelt or needing something moved to another space – all good.

Also the back up of wordpress and updates of plug ins is a great relief to know someone is always looking after my site without me having to ask them and pay extra constantly."

Louise Lucas

The Property Education Company

"Almost lost for words at how amazing your service is. When I first checked it out, I didn't think I could afford it, and I haven't even been signed up a fortnight yet, but I realise how nuts that kinda thinking is because I already realise I can't afford NOT to be.

I have a major problem delegating, and a lot of the time I don't even know exactly what I need to ask to get the result I want, but so far, every single technology and design task has been spot on (better than I imagined actually), and gone way beyond my expectations as far as timeliness, responsiveness and customer service are concerned.

So chuffed at how much time AND money I have saved already trying to find random people on Upwork, Fivver or, Airtasker to do the tasks that Automation Agency is now handling. Not to mention the fact that things are magically being done that I didn't even know I needed."

Catriona Herron Watt

"I have regular jobs that I need done quickly but don't have a need to hire a full time developer. Concierge has worked on my landing pages, simplified my checkout and connected everything seemlessly into my back-end automation systems. Great stuff and it all just works!"

Robert Coorey

Author of #1 Best Seller "Feed A Starving Crowd"

Thank you for quick communication and suggestions.

STANKA KUKOVA on Aug 25, 2015

Heidi Wenden-Gulla @heidi.wendengulla
I have been working with the Team at Automation Agency for 2 years now. I am certain that my business could not function without them. The team play such a critical role to so many different areas of my business. As a small business owner i dont have all the skills with websites, design or CRM. With Automation Agency I am put in contact with different experts in all these fields. The task are done well and often I wonder where would my business be without this service... I am so grateful for their service and look forward to maintaining a long term relationship with the agency.

Michelle Farrar-Eagles @michelle.farrareagles
Ive been dating Automation Agency for about 2
months now and things are off to a flying start �No idea how I managed before hand without them. An absolute credit to Carl and his team. Their internal portal to manage output of work is so easy to use and the time they are saving me is worth every cent. There is no way I would be achieving what I am now without them. They keep me on my toes and as my queued tasks keep getting ticked off push me think ok what’s next. Definitely a long term partnership my business couldn’t do without!

Steve James @stevejamestoday
Carl and the team do an exceptional job and the speed in which they turn things around is impressive. I am not the best in this area and what I've found the team have actually taught me a lot on how to not only log things in but also do understand why things are happening, I really appreciate that too. Well done team !

Faye Hollands Gerrey @fayehollands

I've been with Automation Agency for the last 3 months and I'm BEYOND impressed! To be honest, when I joined I thought I'd just use them for a month to get a heap of little tasks done and then leave, but it soon became apparent that they could ease the burden in my business immeasurably, free up heaps of my time, and take away the pressure of having all this 'stuff' to do that I didn't know how to do, but that needed to be done quickly. See More

Jim Laird @jim.laird.581
This is a company who go out of their way to make your IT journey a pleasure. Not only are they performing tasks I could never do, they educate you along the way as to the best way to go about it. Nothing seems to be too much trouble. Well done.

Cindy Tonkin @cindy.tonkin
These guys have reduced the amount of time I spend on mechanical, repetitive tasks. They have kept my site secure, and whenever there's a "scare" on security they are quick to jump on it. They work days and nights, and I'm always pleased to see my thoughts translated from "could you just fix this thing for me" into reality. While I take time off to lunch they are working. If you are clear on what you want, they will give it to you. Been with them now more than a year, love how quickly they get shit done!!!

More Happy Clients

The concierge team at the Automation Agency are fantastic. Professional, polite, quick to respond & displaying tremendous know-how ensure that I can focus on my business whilst they keep my website up to date & humming.

Hugh Cowan, Managing Director of Think Products

Awesome service has saved me so much time and money!!

Adam Gulla, Krav Maga Darwin

If you are looking to save time in your business so you can focus on the things that actually make you money then you have come to the right place. I am only months into the launch of my company and the time that I have save how allowed me to move faster knowing that a new page is being designed or a Facebook ad is being created. Huge wight lifted off my shoulders and freeing up mental energy to serve my clients and a achieve my goals

Daniel Moskowitz, Chief Mentor and Founder Powerful Sales Solutions

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