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With A Membership Site

Save Time & Avoid Confusion With A Membership Site Kickstart Kit - For Only $1995

There are many moving pieces required to set up a WordPress based Membership Site. If you don't know what all those pieces are it can be extremely time consuming to try to project manage the initial set up. That's where a Kickstart Kit comes in.


What's a Kickstart Kit?

A Kickstart Kit is where we deliver the standard foundational elements you need to kickstart your project towards the final outcome you are after.

It is NOT an end to end project or project management service but it will get you to your designed outcome faster and with less confusion.

Your Membership Kickstart Kit Includes...
  • Custom Designed & Built Page Templates
  • Membership Plugin Configuration & Integration With Your CRM
  • Payment Integration & Welcome Emails (Optional)

The exact deliverables include:

  • Login Page
  • No Access Page (for when someone accesses a page they don't have permission for)
  • Logged In Dashboard (aka Homepage after user logs in)
  • Content Structure Page Templates (Category/Course, Module Listing, Lesson/Content)
  • Membership Levels Configured in WordPress & CRM
  • Welcome "Here's Your Login" Email Configured For New Members
  • Order Form For Charging and Setting Up New Members (Optional)
  • Training Video Outlining How To Add Content & Set Access Levels

"From design, capability, and deliverability - they nailed it."

- Edward Plant, The Business League

We Build Membership Sites Compatible With...



Step 1. Purchase Membership Site Kickstart Kit for $1995 USD

Step 2. Provide Answers To A Few Strategic Questions

Step 3. Select Your Preferred Layout or Provide Your Own Sketches


Step 4. Our Designers Design The Layouts & Page Mockups For Your Feedback & Approval

Step 5. Once You Approve The Designs, Our Web Experts Turn The Mockups Into Actual Functioning Web Page Templates

Step 6. Our Automation Experts Configure The Membership Plugin & Integrations To Protect Pages and Control Access To The Content


Step 7. Now the Kickstart Project Is Complete, You Add Your Content Pages Following Our Instruction Video

Step 8. Start Selling Customers Into Your Online Course or Membership Site

"I used to try doing this myself, as well as having a VA do some of it, but now there's no need. You are always so quick to respond and complete each task. Thanks!"

- Terri Batsakis, Terrific Fitness

  • This is NOT for you if...

  • You're bringing your own design mockups to be turned into a membersite
  • Not using Ontraport, Infusionsoft or ActiveCampaign for your CRM
  • Want to use a LMS plugin such as LearnDash to track users progress
  • Want to use a Theme like Social Learner & have user profiles and forums
  • Want to use a Platform other than WordPress for your membership site
  • Need help to determine the best way to organise your content/course online
  • This IS for you if...

  • Use Infusionsoft, Ontraport or ActiveCampaign as your CRM
  • Want to build a membership site based on WordPress
  • Already a Member of our Concierge Service but want to avoid project managing the 10+ tasks required to set up the foundations
  • Know the structure of your site/course content and just need someone to build the tech so you can put the content in
  • Not A Member of our Concierge Service but have the skills or resources to take the foundations we build and add your content as required


  • q-iconI Want Additional Pages Not Mentioned As Part Of The Kickstart Kit, Can You Do Them?

    A: If you are already a member or decide to become a member of our Concierge Service then you can send in a tasks to create any additional pages or make extra changes not included in the Kickstart Kit.

  • q-iconCan You Put All The Content In The Site For Me Too?

    A: The fastest & easiest way to add your content is if you, or someone in your company, follow the video instructions we provide at the end of the kickstart kit project to duplicate pages and add in the content as you require.

    However if you are a member of our Concierge service and you are prepared to break your content down into small chunks that can be actioned as tasks we can assist.

  • q-iconI'd Like to Have My Own Designer Do The Designs, Can You Build Off Those?

    A: Unfortunately we’ve found in the past that other designers create layouts & designs that contain features or elements that are not compatible with the platforms we build with. For that reason we have a strict policy that we MUST control the design phase to be able to offer this service at the low price we do.

  • q-iconI Want To Use WishList Member or some other Wordpress Membership plugin not mentioned, can you help?

    A: No, we focus only on the platforms we know well and can provide an expert service on. For now that includes only PilotPress for Ontraport, Memberium or ActiveMember360 for ActiveCampaign and Memberium or iMember360 for Infusionsoft, or if neither of those suit you then Membermouse

  • q-iconI Already Have a Membership Site, I Just Want To Make A Few Changes, Is This Right For Me?

    A: No, this is designed for people who are building a new website from scratch to act as a membership site. If you have an existing wordpress based site then our Concierge Service can assist you through our task based implementation approach.

    Do our Right Fit Quiz to check if Concierge is right for you.

  • q-iconDo you supply the Membership Plugin Software or Do I Have To Purchase It?

    A: We are purely an implementation service. Therefore any specific tools you need for your membership site, including hosting, membership plugin etc.. are purchased and owned by you we will just configure it for you.

    If you plan to use any of the Thrive Themes products however we can supply this as part of the project at no extra charge due to our Agency license with them.

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