How to Install the Facebook Pixel on Your Website

how to install facebook pixel

The Facebook Pixel is one of the most important aspects of their platform. This little pixel lets you run dynamic ads, track and optimize your conversions, and even do ad targeting. Facebook’s advertising platform is powerful, but all this power can bring confusion. Luckily, things just got a little easier. Below you’ll learn why you…

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7 Effective Steps to Fill Your Next Live Seminar

fill your live seminar

Seminars are an incredible tool in your lead generation toolkit. They offer your viewers tremendous value and tend to have higher conversion rates compared to other forms of online lead generation. But there’s no point in holding a seminar if there’s no one in the audience. Still, trying to figure out how to send traffic…

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How Content Upgrades Can Double Your Blog Post Conversion Rates


What if every blog post you wrote could help build your email list? If you’ve been looking for new ways to easily grow your email list, then content upgrades might be the solution to your problem. Below, we show you what content upgrades are, why you’ll want to use them, and how you can make…

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7 Incredibly Simple Ways to Automate Your Marketing


What if I told you that marketing your business didn’t have to be so much work? Or that it was possible to automate certain marketing tasks so you can free up your time and work on your business? Marketing automation lets you serve your customers with the right message when they need it the most.…

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Hotjar Review: How to Create the Best User Experience & Grow Your Website


There are tons of analytics tools, heat maps, surveys, polls, and other tools that allow you to get inside your visitors’ heads. But having all those tools at your disposal would surely be expensive, right? Well, with Hotjar you’ll have all those tools (and more) at your disposal, for a fraction of the cost. Did…

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6 Simple Tips for Creating Facebook Ad Images Like A Pro

Facebook has over a billion active users. Chances are your ideal customers are using the platform at this very moment. So how do you reach them in a scalable way that actually impacts your business? With Facebook Ads, of course! However, connecting with potential customers via ads is easier said than done, especially if you’re…

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How Can I Use Zapier for My Business? 11 Helpful Integrations

You’re probably looking for ways to automate your business more easily. When you automate certain repeatable tasks, you free up your time to focus on more valuable tasks. It’s a no-brainer. Zapier can help you save time, easily accomplish projects, and stay ahead of the competition. What Is Zapier? Zapier is a tool that connects…

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5 Easy-to-Use Tools to Create Video Content for Your Membership Site

If you run a membership site, then you’re probably looking for ways to easily create stellar video content. Screencasting is becoming a very popular method of creating content. This style of video content allows you to explain things in depth, while visually showing people how to do specific things. It can be incredibly useful when…

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Why You Should Be Using the ActiveCampaign Chrome Extension

chrome activecampaign extension

If you’re like me, you probably spend a lot of time online, browsing the web, doing research, and sitting in your Gmail inbox. Now, imagine if you could see all your relevant lead information right from the webpage you’re on. That means spending less time going back and forth between your ActiveCampaign dashboard and your…

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7 Tips for Choosing Website Images That Increase Conversions


I recently did a website critique for someone and one of the biggest things that stood out was the images they used. Instead of boosting their credibility and furthering their message, the images they used did the exact opposite. The pictures were random and poorly-chosen stock photos — they didn’t support their calls-to-action, or further…

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