A FOMO Review – Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rate Through the Roof

Is your website’s conversion rate as high as you want it to be? FOMO is a plugin that could give that rate a boost. But does it offer everything that it says it does?


Fear of missing out.

You might have heard the term before. It’s a marketing technique through which you can get more conversions by making prospects feel like they’ll miss out if they don’t buy.

It’s also the term that inspired the name for FOMO.

About 12,500 people use this tool with their websites.

The goal?

To increase their conversion rates (CR) using the various features that FOMO has to offer. That boost to CR can make a massive difference to your business. Even an improvement of 1% could result in a substantial increase in revenue and profits.

So, what does FOMO claim to do to boost your website’s CR?


What Is FOMO?


As mentioned, FOMO is a marketing tool that helps you to boost your CR.

Its main selling point is the automation of social proof for your website.

Social proof is the stuff that goes beyond your site’s sales spiel. It’s the testimonials that happy clients create for you and the case studies that show that your product works.

Think of it as a form of third-party verification. With social proof, you’re not just telling potential customers that your product does the job.

You’re showing them using examples of people who’ve already experienced the benefits for themselves.

In FOMO’s case, this means showcasing the purchases that people make from your ecommerce store.

You’re showing that there’s demand for your product. Thus, you’re creating what we mentioned right at the top of the article – fear of missing out.

That all sounds great.

The question now is whether or not FOMO’s capable of delivering on its promises. Let’s take a look at some of the key features that the platform offers.

Feature #1 – Data-Driven Marketing


On the surface, it appears that FOMO just shoots a bunch of social proof out onto your website.

However, the platform goes much deeper than that. The goal here is to raise your CR using that social proof. That means you need to understand how buyers behave to ensure they see the right proof at the right time.

FOMO makes use of machine learning to ensure that happens. The plugin draws from over 6 billion rows of data that relates to buyer behaviour. Using this data, in addition to what it collects from your site, it’s able to showcase your social proof in a way that encourages more conversions.

For example, FOMO can determine how long a particular message should stay on screen. It also figures out if randomising or showing messages in a set pattern works best for your store. These are all little things that you may not have even considered.

FOMO uses machine learning to allow you to make decisions based on data.

Feature #2 – Highly Customisable


Building from that feature, you get to leverage the data that FOMO offers however you see fit.

It offers a range of customisation options related to the messages you display and how you display them.

For example, you can choose whether to display all orders or only orders from a certain time period. The latter may prove useful if you have a special offer. Showcasing how many people take advantage of that offer creates the fear of missing out.

You also get to choose where you position the FOMO bar on your website. Plus, you can alter colours and the CSS behind it to make sure it stands out while meshing with your website’s design.

Finally, there’s the message itself. You can customise what order the various details display in. These details include:

  • Customer name
  • Time of purchase
  • Name of the product
  • Customer location

This opens up the possibility for A/B testing. You could try out one order or details and then stack it up against another order.

The message customisation option is also a patent-pending feature at the time of writing. If the patent gets granted, that means it’s something that you may not be able to get from similar tools.

Feature #3 – Visitor Tracking


FOMO has a number of advanced options that can help you to boost conversions further.

Visitor tracking is one of them. The tool can track the number of people using your website in real-time. 

That may not sound impressive on its own. After all, Google Analytics can do the same thing.

What is impressive is that you can use FOMO to turn the number into another form of social proof. You can display the number of visitors using your website right now for all to see. The higher the number, the better the social proof that your website is the place to be.

And again, you can use this to create the fear of missing out. If you have a time-limited offer, you can combine the display of purchases with the visitor tracking numbers. This creates even more urgency around the offer.

Of course, you have the option to enable this feature whenever you want. That means you can hide it if the visitor numbers aren’t to your liking.

Feature #4 – Filters and Template Rules


Beyond give you control of the messages you display, FOMO also allows you to alter the formatting. This means that you can bold, italicise, or underline any important pieces of the message.

You can apply these filters to any element of the message.

Furthermore, you can add template rules to alter the messages.

For example, let’s say that you don’t have the first name of a recent buyer. You can create a rule to set the first name to a word, such as “someone”, rather than leaving the field blank.

Setting these rules gives you peace of mind when you allow the automated side of the plugin to take over. They ensure you don’t have to keep checking to see if FOMO displays messages that you don’t want it to display.

Feature #5 – The Free Trial


You don’t have to invest immediately with FOMO.

The WordPress plugin offers a 7-day free trial. This is ample time to get used to what it has to offer and see if you get a slight boost in conversions.

It’s also relatively affordable.

Should you continue using the tool, you’ll pay US$39.00 (currently ~AU$58.00) per month. For many ecommerce stores, a couple of sales will recoup that investment. If the tool raises your CR, the monthly fee shouldn’t place a large dent in your revenue.

Feature #6 – The FOMO Scorecard


The FOMO scorecard is another useful feature.

The tool collects plenty of data about your site’s visitors and the actions that they take. The Scorecard allows you to set goals based on this data.

For example, you could set a goal attached to your shopping cart page so that FOMO tracks how many people reach it. You could set another for the thank-you page so that you know how many people buy.

The resulting data may help you to highlight issues with the shopping cart. It may also prove useful in a retargeting campaign that focuses on those who dropped out early.

The Scorecard can prove useful for creating an at-a-glance dashboard of some important metrics.

Feature #7 – Auto-Translation


FOMO can translate the messages it displays into 23 other languages.

This makes it a great tool if you’re looking to globalise your ecommerce store. The simple nature of the messages displayed using FOMO also mean that there’s less room for translation errors.

However, it’s worth noting that automated translation technology isn’t perfect.

Still, it’s much faster and more cost-effective than manual translation. 



FOMO is the ideal tool to use if you want to automate the delivery of social proof messages in real time. It offers an array of customisable features and in-depth website statistics. This allows you to adjust campaigns easily and even receive data that can influence other marketing efforts.

We’ve focused primarily on the ecommerce uses in this review. However, FOMO is more versatile than that.

For one, it’s the tool that Automation Agency uses to power our task completion alerts. 

Perhaps you’d like to use it to boost conversions yourself? With a Concierge Service membership, you can send a task for the installation of this tool into your WordPress website.

But what if you haven’t joined up yet?

No problem! Have a chat with our Right Fit Chatbot to see if Automation Agency can help your business.


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