How to Create a Custom Audience in Facebook to Engage Your Existing Contacts


Acquiring new customers is difficult for any business. However, you don’t want to strictly focus on getting new leads. Instead, you want to consider how you can re-engage past customers to make another purchase. It’s much easier to convince an existing contact to connect with you than it is to gain a new lead. One…

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Selling Digital Products, Courses, and Memberships Online, Part 3 – SamCart


Read Part One and Part Two of our series on selling digital products, online courses and memberships. — If you’re running an online coaching business, chances are you have at least a couple of digital courses, memberships, and products. These tools are awesome for building your reputation, introducing new clients to your offerings, and giving advanced insights without needing…

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Selling Digital Products, Courses and Memberships Online, Part 2 – ThriveCart


Read Part One of our series on selling digital products, online courses and memberships. — Products, course, and memberships are a great way for coaches to make passive income while also improving relationships with clients. Through selling online pre-packaged materials, clients can get more access to your information without you needing to put in any additional work. These smaller…

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Which Landing Page Builder is Best for Coaches?


Awesome landing pages are an important part of any online business. When you need to convert customers, clients, and leads, you need to provide them with visual, high-quality pages that answer all their questions and fulfill all their needs. Unfortunately, this can become quite complicated. If you’re not a designer or you don’t have extensive coding experience,…

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Selling Digital Products, Courses and Memberships Online (Part 1 – ClickFunnels)

Digital products like courses and webinars are a great way for coaches to make some additional income and reach new customers. However, getting leads to make a purchase isn’t so easy online. To convert your leads, you need to find a way to stand out. One of the best ways to do this is through…

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6 Dos & Don’ts When Creating Quizzes for Lead Magnets

6 Dos & Don'ts When Creating Quizzes for Lead Magnets

If you’ve spent any time on social media in the past few years, you know how popular quizzes can be. Just about everyone is looking to learn what kind of cheese they are or what city they should really live in. However, quizzes aren’t just useful for finding out silly qualities you have in common with a…

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Video Lead Generation: How to Convert Traffic into Leads with Wistia Turnstile

How to Convert Traffic into Leads with Wistia Turnstile1

Video is fast becoming the most important type of content for websites, blogs, and social media. The trend toward video is hardly surprising; it’s an engaging and stimulating medium for communication with very little effort from the viewer. More importantly, it’s also a good way to generate leads. Granted, this isn’t the first thing that comes to…

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The Best Call-to-Action Words to Capture New Subscribers


The call to action has been around for a long time in advertising. It’s that little trigger that encourages people to act. The (hopefully) irresistible incentive. If you phone this number or click this link, you’ll find something you definitely don’t want to miss out on. This is why the way you write call to…

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A Guide to Increasing Your Landing Page Conversion Rate


A beautiful and well-presented landing page is arguably only as good as its conversion rate. After all, landing pages should be informative but they must also make it easy for users to go from browsing to buying. Luckily, optimizing your landing page conversion rate doesn’t need to be complicated. There are a number of ways…

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How to Increase Seminar Attendance With A Follow-Up Sequence

how to increase seminar attendance

You’ve spent all kinds of money and time promoting and trying to fill your next seminar event. You’ve done so much work already, that it feels like you should be done, right? But even though you’ve had a lot of people sign up for the event, how do you know they’re actually going to come?…

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