Meet Alvin, The Automation Agency AssistBot

Alvin Assistbot

6 minute readWe’re constantly working away on various projects and enhancements here at Automation Agency. Two of our core values are: Work Smarter, Not Harder Learn Constantly And today’s announcement is a combination of almost eight months of hard work from various members on our engineering team who have very much lived these values every day. Introducing…

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Selling Digital Products, Courses, and Memberships Online, Part 3 – SamCart


3 minute readRead Part One and Part Two of our series on selling digital products, online courses and memberships. — If you’re running an online coaching business, chances are you have at least a couple of digital courses, memberships, and products. These tools are awesome for building your reputation, introducing new clients to your offerings, and giving advanced insights without needing…

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PlusThis: The Add-On Platform Every Ontraport & Infusionsoft User Needs


3 minute readMaintaining strong relationships with your customers is crucial for any business. As the backbone that keeps your business running, happy customers can either make or break your success. Providing them with the help, resources, and communication they need can keep them coming back for more and encourage them to share their experience with friends and family. However,…

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The Last-Minute ( & Post May 25th) GDPR Checklist For Your Online Marketing

GDPR last minute checklist

5 minute readAs you probably know – or you’ve seen in your inbox – GDPR is everywhere right now. While May 25th was the deadline to make changes to your website and email marketing, there are a few things you can still do after that date. In fact, we at Automation Agency had to do a fair…

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Selling Digital Products, Courses and Memberships Online, Part 2 – ThriveCart


4 minute readRead Part One of our series on selling digital products, online courses and memberships. — Products, course, and memberships are a great way for coaches to make passive income while also improving relationships with clients. Through selling online pre-packaged materials, clients can get more access to your information without you needing to put in any additional work. These smaller…

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High-Performance WordPress Hosting, Reviewed (2018)


4 minute readWordPress is one of the best tools for creating high-powered websites for any business. In fact, WordPress runs almost 30% of the entire internet. However, for small businesses, entrepreneurs, or coaches, running and managing a WordPress site can be too much of a time commitment. When you need to update your pages, troubleshoot problems, and monitor security,…

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Which Landing Page Builder is Best for Coaches?


4 minute readAwesome landing pages are an important part of any online business. When you need to convert customers, clients, and leads, you need to provide them with visual, high-quality pages that answer all their questions and fulfill all their needs. Unfortunately, this can become quite complicated. If you’re not a designer or you don’t have extensive coding experience,…

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Selling Digital Products, Courses and Memberships Online (Part 1 – ClickFunnels)

4 minute readDigital products like courses and webinars are a great way for coaches to make some additional income and reach new customers. However, getting leads to make a purchase isn’t so easy online. To convert your leads, you need to find a way to stand out. One of the best ways to do this is through…

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How to Build Systems in Your Coaching Business That Help You Grow

How to Build Systems in Your Coaching Business That Help You Grow

4 minute readGrowing a business takes hard work – especially if you’re running it solo. Want to know what makes it even more complicated? Trying to manage your coaching business without systems. Business systems are a way to document the procedures, paths, or processes that you follow to complete certain tasks. These operational guides outline your expectations…

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6 Dos & Don’ts When Creating Quizzes for Lead Magnets

6 Dos & Don'ts When Creating Quizzes for Lead Magnets

3 minute readIf you’ve spent any time on social media in the past few years, you know how popular quizzes can be. Just about everyone is looking to learn what kind of cheese they are or what city they should really live in. However, quizzes aren’t just useful for finding out silly qualities you have in common with a…

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