10 Awesome Facebook Cover Photo Examples

Carl Taylor | September 20, 2016

Designing a social media image, like a Facebook profile picture or cover photo, is one of the most popular tasks our clients submit to our design team, but sometimes they need a little inspiration to see what’s possible. So today, we’re highlighting some of our favorite Facebook cover photos and what makes them so great.

If you’re looking for Facebook cover photo inspiration for your business, here are 10 of our favorites:

Facebook Cover Photo Examples for Your Business

1. Calendly

calendly cover photo example

Calendly does a great job at reinforcing their brand in this simple, yet powerful cover photo. Their tagline stands proud with a clear font and slightly embossed finish.

Sometimes, you don’t need to make a loud statement. Instead, it’s important for your cover photo to subtly communicate the values of your company. Calendly nails this concept.

2. Urban Fight Gym


Your cover photo isn’t just about the image. It can also be used to make announcements, share new features, or even promote a new product.

Our client, Urban Fight Gym, wanted a cover photo that announced a new training area within their gym. We created the cover photo above, announcing the new weight and strength area, and also added a Call to Action encouraging their customers to book a training session in the new space.

The cover photo is an ideal place to share this type of announcement, and this kind of cover photo design can easily be created using our Concierge service.

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3. Patagonia

patagonia cover photo example

Patagonia opts for the “breath of fresh air approach”. Their image highlights their commitment to environmental preservation, while furthering their current marketing campaign. It causes the visitor to question and dive further into what their hashtag #GoodbyeNeoprene means.

If you’re familiar with Patagonia, then you know that stunning outdoor imagery and environmental advocacy stands at the core of their company. This cover photo is no different.

4. Old Spice

old-spice facebook cover photo design

Old Spice can’t be stopped. Even if you’re not the market they’re targeting, you can’t help but get drawn into their photo.

Lazers, fire, sharks, helicopters, lions, bears, and corn dogs. Never thought you’d see all those elements playing together nicely? They go for shock value, and it works.

Does it have anything to do with deodorant? No. But it encapsulates their brand to a tee and definitely intrigues you enough to keep you on the page.

5. Converse

converse cover photo for facebook

How would you describe Converse? Simple, clean, timeless.

Their cover photo truly illuminates all the qualities of this iconic brand. They show you that you don’t have to be zany to make an impact. They remain true to their brand aesthetic and showcase a new product without being pushy.

Take a note from their book and create a cover photo that highlights your company values.

6. Yoast

yoast facebook cover photo example

We’re not quite sure what’s going on in Yoast’s cover photo. But we like it that way.

Yoast shook up the SEO space with the launch of their Yoast SEO plugin, and they stay true to that mission with their cover photo. The image is a welcome departure from a lot of online digital companies, as they truly embrace their playful nature.

Lesson learned. It’s possible to build a largely successful company while keeping your brand fun and playful.

7. Dropbox

dropbox cover photo example

Dropbox goes for the handmade aesthetic, which works incredibly well for them. In the tech space a little human or homemade feel can go a long way.

Their cover photo goes back to the roots of the company and takes design cues from their original explainer video that launched the app. It’s simple and doesn’t really explain what their app does, but it does communicate their core values.

8. Uber

uber facebook cover photo

Uber really nails the modern design aesthetic. If you use their app, then you know this cover photo is in complete alignment with their new brand overhaul.

The color scheme immediately suggests “being cool” and “feeling relaxed”, which hopefully sums up your actual Uber experience. This photo highlights what makes their brand different, while staying in line with the hip feel we’ve come to expect.   

9. Legal Practice Blueprint


Want to speak to your audience directly? Use your cover photo to share a message specifically for them.

The cover photo we created for Legal Practice Blueprint appeals exclusively to their audience and leaves no confusion about what legal practice owners will gain by hiring them. (If you’re interested in a similar cover photo that promotes your business, our Concierge Service can help!)

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10. Blue Bottle

blue-bottle cover photo design example

Blue Bottle’s photo might not seem like much at first glance, but it does work to draw you in. The normal image of their coffeeshop highlights their simple design aesthetic.

At the same time, the blurred man in the corner makes you think he either had too much caffeine, or is in a rush to grab a delicious cup of coffee.

Simple and elegant. Their cover photo is in perfect alignment with their brand and makes you wonder what’s really going on.

Hopefully, the images above give you a taste of what’s possible and inspire you in creating a cover photo that leaves your customers salivating.

If you think it’s time for a refresh and you’re already a concierge client then a new Facebook Cover Image and/or Profile Image is only an email away.


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