Growing Leads by 450% Using Infusionsoft (Yvonne’s Story)

Carl Taylor | March 18, 2019

Infusionsoft makes interacting with clients easier than ever before. But did you know that you can use it to grow your leads? Here’s the story of one client who did just that and some tips to help you do it yourself.

A quality Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform can help you achieve so much. That’s likely why you started using Infusionsoft in the first place. It brings a range of tools together to make managing your customers easy. This means more fluid interactions and happier customers.

Better customer management can also help you to generate more leads. Using Infusionsoft can help you to guide more people into your funnels, which means your business generates more revenue.

This article examines a few tips for building a lead generation campaign using Infusionsoft. But first, let’s look at the story of someone who achieved amazing results with this flexible CRM platform.

The Case Study – Yvonne

Like many small business owners, Yvonne’s company grew from a hobby. After all, your hobbies are your passions. If you can build a business from them, you’re almost guaranteed to stay motivated.

Yvonne’s hobby was a little more extravagant than most. Alongside her husband, she’d moved into a former grape farmer’s house in the gorgeous Champagne region of France. Her husband often went away on business trips. Yvonne started to fill the time by welcoming people into her home to treat them to a bed and breakfast experience.

At first, she did no marketing for the business. This was just a little hobby and what few customers she got came from referrals.

Unfortunately, Yvonne’s husband lost his job in 2008 and the couple had to move back home to the UK. This came at an inopportune time. The economic downturn that occurred during this period made it difficult for Yvonne’s husband to get another job.

Together, they decided it was time to turn Yvonne’s bed and breakfast hobby into a full-blown business. They returned to Champagne and reopened the bed and breakfast.

After a year or so, the business grew and Yvonne realised she would struggle to stay on top of things.

That’s when she started the search for an automation platform that eventually led her to Infusionsoft.

How Did Infusionsoft Help Yvonne?

Infusionsoft’s basic features gave Yvonne an initial boost. She was able to integrate her website’s online forms into the platform, which made collecting customer data easier. Plus, she uses it to create new forms for her marketing campaigns.
However, there are two areas where Infusionsoft proved especially useful to Yvonne.

Contacting the “Window Shoppers”

No matter how good your website is, most people just come to window shop. They may send their details across to you. But they don’t have any intention of buying right now.

Using Infusionsoft, Yvonne managed to entice more of these window shoppers to become actual customers.

She created automated email campaigns that focused on this niche of people who haven’t quite committed to being customers. She targeted them with additional information about her bed and breakfast. Plus, she shared more valuable information over an extended period of time.

This tactic doesn’t lead to instant conversions. However, it does make you a valuable source of information to the window shopper. They’ll keep coming back to you to learn more. That means you can slowly guide them through your funnel and increase your chances of them becoming customers.

Further Email Marketing

This just scratches the surface of the email marketing potential that Infusionsoft has to offer.

You can create automations that cover every aspect of the customer journey. The window shopping example above targets those who are on the precipice of entering your sales funnel.

Once you have them, you can change tactics and start sending targeted emails based on their current buying intent.

That’s exactly what Yvonne did with Infusionsoft. She’d enter a lead into one email marketing campaign until it achieved a result. From there, the lead would go into another campaign, and then another. Ultimately, this would lead to either a sale or a dead lead.

From there, she had further email campaigns that either retargeted previous customers or tried to revive the dead leads.

The Results

Using Infusionsoft allowed Yvonne to turn her hobby into a full-blown business.

Her use of several email marketing campaigns proved especially effective. Her bed and breakfast achieved a #1 ranking on TripAdvisor for the Champagne region. Plus, she managed to grow her leads by 450%.

That increase in leads led to three times more customers, which doubled her revenue. Best of all, she reduced her workload by 25% even during this growth period.

Today, Yvonne continues to use Infusionsoft to help her run her business. Plus, she’s created a new coaching business that helps others to follow in her footsteps.

Naturally, she uses Infusionsoft to help her manage her coaching clients too.

How Can You Use Infusionsoft to Get More Leads?

Yvonne’s story focuses mostly on the email marketing potential that Infusionsoft offers. However, the platform provides many more tools to those who want to make their lead generation even more robust.

Here are three more tips for using Infusionsoft to get more leads. And remember, the team at Automation Agency can help you to implement all of them.

Tip #1 – Boost Your Calls to Action Using the Right Words

Before you can pull leads into Infusionsoft and start working on converting them, you need to attract them in the first place.

This is where your calls to action (CTAs) come into play.

A CTA is the little phrase you use that tells someone what you want them to do next. It’s the “click here” at the bottom of an ad or the “send us a message” on your online form.

However, it’s not quite as simple as that. There’s an art to writing effective CTAs that lead to more people contacting you.

A good CTA achieves at least one of the following things:

  • Creates a fear of missing out.
  • Gives an impression of scarcity.
  • Makes the reader feel hopeful.
  • Highlights the exclusive nature of a product.
  • Helps the reader understand the savings that the product offers.

There are certain words that your CTA can use that make it more powerful. To find out about them, just read our detailed blog post on the subject.

Tip #2 – Set Up Site Tracking

Infusionsoft offers site tracking functionality. This allows you to target customers based on the actions that they take on your website.

This is the key to effective email marketing. Sending the wrong message at the wrong time can result in a lead dropping off that might otherwise have converted.

Infusionsoft helps you avoid that.

Imagine you have a visitor who just checks your basic information pages. These are the “window shoppers” in Yvonne’s story. That visitor doesn’t want to know about pricing just yet. If you send that email, they’re likely to go away. Instead, they want more information about whatever it was on your site that they looked at.

With site tracking, you can see what that user looked at and plug them into the appropriate funnel.

Tip #3 – Install Thrive Leads and Integrate with Infusionsoft

Visits to your website don’t mean much if nobody’s sending across their details. It’s possible that the forms you built just aren’t up to the job.

That’s okay. Infusionsoft allows you to integrate form-building platforms so you can create forms in the CRM and place them on your website.

Thrive Leads is one of the most effective of these form builders as it offers a range of features that you don’t get with similar platforms.

We can help you to install Thrive Leads and integrate it into Infusionsoft. You’ll be able to produce more effective forms that generate more leads.

The Takeaway

Yvonne’s journey is an inspiring one. She went from hobbyist to full-time business owner. Infusionsoft’s customer relationship tools helped her along in that journey. In particular, her use of the platform’s email marketing tools proved especially useful.

Automation Agency can help you create similar email marketing campaigns. We also provide plenty of advice on how to create landing pages and effective CTAs. And we can integrate other platforms into Infusionsoft so you can build better marketing campaigns.

Send us a task today if you want to use any of the techniques covered in this article.

You can also download our Outsourced Task Ideas for Infusionsoft Users to learn about the other tasks we can complete for you.

And don’t worry if you’re unsure about becoming an Automation Agency customer. You can check in with our Right Fit Chatbot to see if we’re the best partner for your business.

About the author 

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Carl Taylor is the Founder & CEO of Automation Agency. For the past 10 years Carl has been building businesses and marketing them online through the use of Sales Funnels, Email Marketing Automation, Landing Pages, and Wordpress Websites. Carl is also a #1 author and highly sought after speaker and consultant whose work has impacted thousands of businesses across various industries worldwide.

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