How to Build a Membership Site With Activecampaign and WordPress

How to Build a Membership Site With ActiveCampaign and WordPress

Carl Taylor | June 20, 2017

If you’re already a user of ActiveCampaign, then you’ll be happy to know you’re just one step away from building a membership site.

Typically, membership sites can be hard to get started. But with an easy ActiveCampaign and WordPress integration, you can not only build a membership site very quickly but also affordable.

Below you’ll learn how you can build your own membership site with ActiveCampaign and WordPress. If you’re already an ActiveCampaign user, then this is the route you should take.

What Are the Components of a Membership Site?

For a site to be a membership site, it needs to have the same basic components. Without them, it’s not technically a membership site. Get the following elements in check, and you’ll have a functional — and hopefully profitable — membership site.

  1. A platform to build your site on. The most common platform for building a membership site is WordPress, although there are other turn-key solutions as well.
  2. A mechanism that keeps some content for subscribers only. Your members will be able to access this content by signing up for your program.
  3. A way to control the layout of your site and structure your content so users can engage with your course in a logical fashion.

What Are the Tools You Need to Build the Site Using This Platform?

If you’re using ActiveCampaign and WordPress to build out your membership site, then you’ll need the following tools:

If you’re looking for even more useful tools you can use to build out your membership site, take a look at our ultimate guide to membership site tools.

Why Should You Use This Platform to Build Your Membership Site?

When it comes to choosing a platform, we believe WordPress is the best choice out there. It’s hard to find another platform that can give you a better foundation for control and customization. Plus, it easily integrates with the membership plugins we highlight below.

If you’re already using ActiveCampaign, all you have to do is install one more plugin on your WordPress site and you’ll be able to protect your content behind a login page and various membership levels.

If you’re not currently using ActiveCampaign as your CRM / Email Marketing platform and don’t want to switch, then it doesn’t make sense to use this integration to build your membership site. There are numerous other plugins and integrations available if you’re using a CRM like Infusionsoft or Ontraport.

How Do You Connect WordPress?

If you’d like to use ActiveCampaign to control permissions for your membership site, then you’ll also need a plugin like ActiveMember360. This plugin was built exclusively for membership sites using the ActiveCampaign and WordPress frameworks.

The ActiveCampaign’s membership integrations work through tags. You simply tag your members and these tags control permission levels to access content on WordPress.

So for example, if you want an automated drip course delivery, you drip out the different access level tags to give access after 7 days, 10 days etc…

To connect ActiveCampaign and WordPress, all you have to do is download and install the ActiveMember360 or Memberium plugin.

Once the plugin is installed, you’ll need to activate it, and then link it up to your specific ActiveCampaign account.

Once it’s linked it integrates with your existing contact data to grant users access to your site’s content, you can start creating tags to control access, and set those tags on the content pages on your WordPress site.

ActiveCampaign Membership Site Capabilities

Here are just a few examples are all different styles of membership sites you can create with the ActiveMember360 plugin.

1. Multi-Course Library

If you have multiple courses and want to bundle them all together, then you can use this option. Giving your users access to a library of various courses lets them consume the information at their own pace. Sites like these typically have a monthly membership fee which grants users unlimited access to content.

2. Drip-Feed Membership

Drip-feed memberships are probably one of the most common types. This style of site delivers a steady supply of content to members over a set period of time, based upon when they join the course. The membership model for these is typically a one-time payment or a payment plan.

3. Fixed-Time Membership

A fixed-time membership site is similar to the model above, but instead, the content is being drip-fed to all members at the same time. Membership sites like these are typically online workshops that have a definite time frame and run a few times a year. This tactic has the benefit of using scarcity to help fill out the course. Membership sites like these typically require a one-time payment.

Although there’s a wide array of membership site options when you decide to build a membership site, if you’ve already been using ActiveCampaign, then this integration is a no-brainer. And if you need any help setting up your new membership site, reach out to our team of experts today to help you get started.

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