How Memberium Helps You Build a Powerful Membership Site

Carl Taylor | July 5, 2021

Courses and membership sites are among the most popular business models. But to get the most out of it, you need the right platform. Memberium can help you with that.

Compatible with Keap, WordPress, and ActiveCampaign, Memberium offers one of the most powerful automated solutions for membership sites.

With it, you will have the control and flexibility to scale the site as it grows without losing functionalities. And the process of turning your WordPress website into a membership site is simple regardless of your niche.

Memberium also allows you to create different membership levels and sell as many offers as you like. Also, the number of members it can handle is unlimited, which applies even if you choose the Standard plan.

Automation is one of the platform’s strongest points and it’s also designed to boost your website’s speed and performance. There’s also no limit to how you can update and change your website as it gains traction.

All these aforementioned features and benefits only scratch the surface of what Memberium is capable of. Find out more about what makes this platform such a powerful solution for your membership site’s needs.


What Makes Memberium a Great Choice?

#1 – Seamless Integration

To offer the best possible integration, Memberium worked with Keap to create a unique solution. The company looked closely at what professional marketers need and built the integration software around that.

To start with, the software creates autologin links to ensure your members can log in without passwords. They can do it after purchasing or whenever you email them. Also, you get to take advantage of Keap tags to display different content to specific user groups.

Your members can also easily manage, update, and change credit card information. Plus, there are automatic reminders to edit the info when their credit card expires.

Even better, the software allows members to view and download unpaid invoices in only a couple of clicks. If a payment fails for some reason, Memberium will automatically cut off the overdue member and send an email reminder.

Aside from that, you shouldn’t have any problems integrating WooCommerce, Yoast, Gravityforms, or Ninja Forms. Basically, these connect with Keap within the WordPress environment for all-encompassing automation and improved user experience.

#2 – Ease of Use

To set up Memberium, you don’t need coding knowledge or a lot of software integration experience. You get step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, and detailed descriptions for each action needed to complete the process.

Once the setup is complete, it’s straightforward to use Keap’s automation features for better website management.

You can quickly access all of the content of a WordPress site and make changes without disrupting the site’s user experience. This is vital if you’re relatively new to WordPress because you’ll still be able to take advantage of all the Memberium functions.

Furthermore, you’re always one click away from upgrading or downgrading your account.

Lastly, if you ever encounter a problem, there are troubleshooting guides to help you get back on track. These are simple to follow even for first-time users of the software.

#3 – Content Protection

Memberium left no stones unturned when it comes to security and content protection. The platform has been audited by an external authority and the source shared with Keap.

This means you can be certain that the software doesn’t have any service logins or back doors that may make your data and website vulnerable.

The platform allows for autologin links to improve user experience, but these don’t expose the API keys. And if that’s not enough, you can also turn off autologin.

Moreover, there’s an option to disable saving passwords as plaintext and the platform supports secured web forms. The protocol to retrieve or reset passwords is secure and pretty straightforward. Plus, the platform allows you to promote protected content via Buffer.

Other data protection features include:

● Limited time access
● Viewing restrictions based on different parameters
● Support for S3 profiles and expiring links
● Prevention of concurrent logins and login sharing
● bbPress forums protected access

#4 – Unlimited Membership Levels

Do you want to create an unlimited number of offers and set an unlimited number of membership levels for each offer? If so, know that Memberium offers you such features and so much more.

Under your domain, you can register as many subdomains as you want. And since you can use Keap tags, the offers, membership levels, and subdomains will only be accessible by specific users.

Ideally, you’d want to keep membership levels at three per offer. If there are more levels than that, your clients might get confused and decide against becoming a member.

#5 – Social Media Integration

Want to enable one-click signup or login for Facebook? Memberium allows you to do just that. The platform also supports Facebook Connect, an API that allows for trusted identity authentication and dynamic privacy.

With dynamic privacy, users can protect their information and privacy regardless of the third-party platform visited. In other words, when a user registers for your membership site via Facebook, they can rest assured that their data will be well-protected.

On top of that, you can easily integrate Facebook Widgets into your site.

#6 – Plenty of Shortcodes

To ease running Keap actions within a WordPress environment, Memberium offers more than a few shortcodes. You get to quickly add contact info and run action sets. Additionally, there’s a shortcode for one-click upsells and listing custom field data.

All in all, the software features five shortcode categories with close to a hundred available codes. The categories include:

● Contacts
● Content visibility
● Keap
● Umbrella
● WordPress

You can also use the same shortcodes with page builders such as WPBakery and Elementor to make the member’s area look representative of your brand.

If you’re not sure how to do that, Automation Agency can help. In fact, we can build your entire opt-in page so that it represents your brand in the best possible way.

#7 – Great for ActiveCampaign Users

Memberium integrates with ActiveCampaign much as it does with Keap.

On a WordPress website, you’re only a few clicks away from completing the integration to improve lead nurturing. And there’s a comprehensive tutorial on how to finalise the process.

Thereon, you only need to create and run campaigns for your membership sites.
In relation to that, the ActiveCampaign integration also supports shortcodes. And it automates the entire email marketing campaigns based on feedback and client behaviour.

#8 – A Bunch of Templates

Memberium offers 24 membership site templates. Fortunately, these are all plug-and-play so there’s no need to worry about coding or designing the entire interface from scratch.

Even though the templates are simple, you do get professional results.

Select a template, tweak it to fit your branding, and upload the membership content – that’s all there is to it. And when set up correctly, the template requires little maintenance.

One of the main benefits of using templates is the lower cost of running your site. You won’t have to hire a coder or designer to make it all happen. The templates already offer a lot of additional features.

For example, you can use a template to onboard and train employees. There’s also an option to attract leads using affiliate marketing. And, of course, you can create and offer free courses to bring in even more leads.

#9 – Advanced Analytics Made Easy

Memberium puts Google Analytics data at your fingertips. You can inspect the data on different membership levels and tweak your marketing campaigns based on that. And the software also allows for Google first-clicks.

You get all the information from a single dashboard and you’re always a few clicks away from getting the analytics report. Again, this is a feature that even those new to automation software can use.

Additionally, Memberium supports Yoast WordPress SEO, one of the best SEO plugins for the platform. You can easily segment customer data and there’s support for SEO optimisation that’s focused on search engines alone.

#10 – Massive Adoption and Growth Potential

Some would argue that Memberium is still relatively new. Although that’s true, it doesn’t mean that the software won’t enable you to scale your membership site in the years to come.

At the time of writing, Memberium supports more than 22 million members globally and is spread across more than 6,000 websites. And not all of them are small sites with limited membership, either.

In fact, Digital Marketer was an early adopter of Memberium. They have been using the software for quite a while and have tested the ins and outs of the platform. But what does Digital Marketer have to say about Memberium?

So far, the feedback has been great despite the fact that Memberium still isn’t fully GPL. This means their license isn’t entirely free, but the company is working on changing that.


Start Attracting Members

Whichever way you look at it, Memberium is one of the most promising platforms for membership sites. The ease of use, excellent integration options, and full automation make it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced marketers.

You’ll like the fact that you can have an unlimited number of members and offers. And let’s not forget that there isn’t a cap on the membership levels, either.

All in all, Memberium stands out as a unique all-in-one solution that actually works. Since the company worked with Keap to create the best possible user experience, you don’t need to worry about bugs and other integration quirks.

Still, you might need a little help with creating a genuinely stunning membership area. Automation Agency is here to provide assistance, be it setting reminder campaigns or integrating the landing pages with your email marketing tool.

About the author 

Carl Taylor

Carl Taylor is the Founder & CEO of Automation Agency. For the past 10 years Carl has been building businesses and marketing them online through the use of Sales Funnels, Email Marketing Automation, Landing Pages, and Wordpress Websites. Carl is also a #1 author and highly sought after speaker and consultant whose work has impacted thousands of businesses across various industries worldwide.

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