How Ontraport Can Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

Are you not getting the best ROI on your leads? Is your reach not enough? Try automating your marketing campaign and implementing data-driven decision-making.

If you want to grow your business and get more clients, you need to get good at marketing. You want a strategy that drives fantastic results and boosts your conversion rate.

The problem is that the most successful marketing campaigns tend to eat up a lot of resources. They take time to plan and even more time to execute. As a result, you can end up losing focus in other areas of your business.

But it doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon the idea of having a marketing campaign. So, what’s the next best thing?

You’ll want to find a way to automate your campaign. This is so you don’t have to oversee every aspect involved. Fortunately, there are so many tools available.

Now, you may think that all automation software programs are the same. While it’s true that most tools are similar in many regards, Ontraport offers an interesting alternative.


Ontraport’s main draw is that it’s an all-in-one solution for both CRM and marketing automation. It combines complex data sourcing and analysis with automation tools.

It’s half an email marketing service and half CRM – you can do two things at the same time.

With this combination, you can automate and manage marketing campaigns with very little input required.

Ontraport offers a long list of features that can make your job easier, free up your time, and help grow your business.

Feature #1 – User-Friendly Interface

Although it’s inherently complex, Ontraport’s interface is surprisingly clean. It’s primarily because of the minimalist design that makes navigation feel very smooth.

The main dashboard doesn’t reflect this very well, though. It is a bit cluttered because the software provides so much detailed information. But you can personalise it so you can arrange things on your dashboard according to your preference. Its drag and drop editor is something that works really well for organising layouts and customising reports.

Even though it comes with a learning curve, the software itself is easy to use. Someone with prior CRM experience should have no trouble utilising Ontraport to its fullest. But if you don’t have that, no worries. Head over to the customer service page and you’ll get some guidance.

One of the oft-overlooked aspects of Ontraport is its mobile-friendly interface.

The mobile version of the software gets rid of complex detailed reports. It also offers an even simpler way of managing your marketing campaign, as it allows you to manage subscribers and add new contacts. You can even send group emails or text messages.

Ontraport’s interface also lets you do other client management tasks, but nothing that would overwhelm you. That’s why it’s excellent for quick tweaks and monitoring away from the office.

Feature #2 – Comprehensive Campaign Builder

The Campaign Builder is the primary feature of the Ontraport service package. It offers many premade campaigns that you can use immediately to generate leads and sales. But if those campaigns are not to your liking, you could use them as inspiration to see what drives a successful campaign.

However, note that the done-for-you templates come with profound benefits. The checklist feature, for example, keeps you focused on getting everything in order before going live with your campaign.

If you work with a team, it’s even better. Collaboration is very easy when you want to split or share the workflow in Ontraport.

Feature #3 – Powerful Content Management

Contact management is one of the things that Ontraport does best, as it offers flexibility and customisation features.

What’s great is how easily you can make your contact base from scratch. You can do it using the forms, landing pages, or SMS feature. In addition, it’s also possible to import pre-existing lists if you’re migrating to Ontraport.

You can then define parameters for the kind of contact information you want to save, as well as customise client profiles and leads profiles.

These can expand the reach of your marketing campaigns. Especially when you can also tap into account activity, history, lead score, and other data sets.

Feature #4 – Professionally-Designed Opt-In Forms, Landing Pages, and Emails

Small businesses often struggle with landing pages and opt-in forms. And this is where Ontraport comes in handy.

It can streamline the design and editing process using a central editor tool. This saves a lot of time and has the added benefit of maintaining consistency. As a result, this can help your campaign across multiple marketing channels.

You can also use it to edit and personalise your emails.

The blueprints that Ontraport offers for automation presents you with clear indicators as to what your emails should contain.

They keep you on the right track and won’t let you miss out on implementing key elements. Furthermore, you can easily create dozens or hundreds of emails and personalise them with minimal effort.

All you need is the email content in a format that fits Ontraport’s blueprint. The service then sources contact information for you and inserts it wherever appropriate.

If you don’t want to spend time training yourself or team members to use the software, we can help. Automation Agency’s Concierge Service can assist you in creating mockup landing pages, automating your email broadcasts, and even with Stripe payment integration in Ontraport.

Feature #5 – Visual Automation Workflows

Visual automation workflows are part of Ontraport Campaign Builder. You can create them using various tools to get a graphical representation of how your campaign runs.

Once you do, you can see the relationships between different stages, rules, and tags. You can even get an overview of your campaign messages and how they tie in with each other.

In a nutshell, you get a campaign roadmap along with real-time statistics. You can then use the data to optimise your campaign or to personalise a future one.

Ontraport currently provides three visual automation workflow modes. You have the projection and performance modes, as well as the live view mode.

The first two offer more in-depth information and a contextual overview of your campaign’s performance. Meanwhile, the live view mode allows you to track in real-time key elements of the workflow.

Feature #6 – In-Depth Reporting

Since Ontraport doubles as a CRM, you can expect in-depth reporting on various critical metrics. There’s also a degree of segmentation that lets you understand what you’re looking at easily.

For example, the service uses UTM variables to track almost everything. This means that you always have access to ROI information on lead sources and content campaigns.

And since running a successful business has a lot to do with client/customer tracking, Ontraport makes it easy to get subscriber retention reports. You can also check out sales reports and transaction logs. It’s also possible to go even further and get numbers that go beyond views.

Interestingly, you can track users using different filters and campaigns. And that’s not all, as you can also do it through content, lead source, and even set up alerts.

Feature #7 – Responsive Customer Service

While not perfect, Ontraport’s customer service is one of the better ones around. Its responsiveness to technical issues and general knowledge questions helped grow its massive community.

What’s more, there’s the impressive Ontraport Knowledge Base and educational support.

The software may have an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Yet for someone with no prior experience with CRM or automation, it’s not that easy to use at first. There is a learning curve to it.

It’s important to have good customer service with any automation tool or any other digital service that you use to grow your business. And it’s also important to be able to understand how to leverage any tool in your arsenal to its fullest potential.

In the end, your marketing campaign may be only as good as the service you use and the people behind making it run.

With that said, the educational content provided by Ontraport can help you overcome that learning curve. It can teach you new skills that you can put to good use in growing your business.

Of course, if you want even more assistance, you can contact Automation Agency’s Concierge Service. You only have to send us a ticket. Our staff is well-versed in Ontraport integration and can help you utilise the CRM/Automation tool to its fullest potential.

In terms of the support channels offered, Ontraport offers live chat, email, and phone support. These are available whenever the Knowledge Base articles and the Facebook group can’t help.

Although, the community is a big part of Ontraport’s appeal. It’s where you can engage experts, other users, other business owners in the same position as you.

It offers a wealth of information that can help you navigate the platform and create more efficient marketing campaigns.

But this too can take time. If you’re in a dire spot but you still need Ontraport to grow your business, our Concierge Service can help with its implementation.

Feature #8 – Multi-Channel Marketing

Another great benefit of Campaign Builder is the ability to streamline multi-channel marketing. Ontraport can provide a unified experience where you bring everything under one roof – emails, landing pages, and other tools that you may need to target your most lucrative leads.

One of the best things is how easily you can leverage your social media audience.

With Ontraport you can launch hyper-targeted Facebook campaigns. The software also offers integration of Facebook Custom Audiences.

Because of this, you can easily create a variety of automated campaigns. You can set it and forget it and it automatically sends leads to groups or individuals. And you can create retargeting campaigns using the data from the CRM function of the platform.

All of this is convenient because it also helps you avoid repetition. It’s easy to tailor retargeting ads for existing and prior customers to promote the next action.

Ontraport – An Ideal Tool for Scaling a Small Business

It’s more important than ever to implement a CRM and adopt data-driven decision making. But if you want to grow, you have to stop wasting time on non-lucrative leads.

You want to target your ideal audience and build that great contact list. And you also want to make it easier on yourself to follow up with marketing campaigns.

Ontraport can be a life-saver as it offers the best of both worlds in a unified system.

It has that CRM component that allows you to leverage detailed data before making decisions. It also has a robust Campaign Builder and automation tool.

Also, it caters to inexperienced business owners as much as it does veteran salespeople. And, it’s among the easiest and most affordable all-in-one solutions for small business owners.

To free up time and to ensure more consistency in your delivery, an automation tool is necessary.

Do you want to create powerful landing pages and build a membership site?

Do you want to implement personalised messages and ensure branding consistency?

Automation Agency’s Concierge Service can help you integrate this system into your business.

You can also download the “Outsourced Task Ideas for Ontraport Users” PDF. Learn how it can help you scale and contact our Concierge Service to help you put in place your ideas. You’ll be on your way to getting ahead of the competition.

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