How Ontraport Helped Learning Herbs Generate $4 Million in Sales

How Ontraport Helped Learning Herbs Generate $4 Million in Sales featured image

Ontraport can do so much more than automate your email campaigns. Find out how one company used it to generate millions in sales and what you can do to emulate them.

Ontraport stands out from many other automation platforms because of its great visualisations. You can use it to track your customers’ journeys through every step that they take.

Yet many people don’t even scratch the surface of what Ontraport has to offer. They just create a few simple automations and mostly stick to the processes they had before.

You’re not one of those people.

You want to use Ontraport to increase your sales and grow your business. It might just take a little guidance to get you there.

In this article, we take a look at one company that used Ontraport to generate millions of dollars in sales. Then, we’ll share a couple of bonus tips that can help you build on what you learn from the case study.

The Case Study – Learning Herbs

John Gallagher always had a passion for herbs. In fact, he wanted to use them, alongside other natural products, to raise his children.

That simple ambition is where the idea for Learning Herbs first came about. John’s journey led to him learning a lot about different kinds of herbs to the point where he became an expert on the subject.

He also discovered something else. Herbalists are not the easiest suppliers to track down. Many people don’t have access to the herbs he used because there’s no-one nearby who provides them.

John saw the opportunity to fill a niche in the market. He founded Learning Herbs to provide people with easier access to herb-related products. It’s a family-run business and it has a ton of personality.

But it still faced the same challenges as any other business. John wanted to improve sales and he recognised that his current systems wouldn’t help.

In 2013, he discovered Ontraport and his business underwent a huge transformation.

How Did Ontraport Help Learning Herbs

Ontraport offers John the opportunity to automate many of his sales processes. As Learning Herbs grew, this automation would prove vital in saving him time. That meant he could focus more on the business and less on the tasks that surround it.

Ultimately, his use of Ontraport helped the company to generate more sales than it ever had before. These are the three key techniques that the platform opened up for him.

Using Sequences and Tags

This may be one of the more basic Ontraport functions. However, it’s still vital that you get it right if you want to increase your business’ sales.

John says that your imagination is the only limit when it comes to using sequences and tags. With so many products available, Learning Herbs has a bunch of different sales funnels.

John uses Ontraport to create dozens of sequences. In fact, he develops a new sequence whenever Learning Herbs launches a new product. Each of these sequences automates that product’s sales process. Proper tagging of products and customers ensures that the company always sends the right messages to the right people.

Integrating Payment Processing

You can end up spending a lot of time on payment processing. You need a system that handles everything securely and automates the money transfers. Plus, your system has to handle declined payments and refunds.

Ontraport allowed Learning Herbs to automate their entire payment process. This saved a ton of time on the customer service end of things. It also proved much more convenient for customers, especially those who had to deal with payment issues. The automations that John created in Ontraport handles everything.

Building a Membership Site

In addition to Learning Herbs, John runs a members-only business called HerbMentor. This business provides even more useful information to the client.

Ontraport’s WordPress integration features made setting up his membership-only website simple. The platform also allows him to process HerbMentor payments separately.

Better yet, he’s able to manage his membership site’s content and ensure the right people have access to it. On the customer side, this means that they only need to enter their details on HerbMentor. Ontraport’s automations handle the rest for them.

Again, this simplifies John’s sales processes, which results in more sales.

The Results

Using Ontraport had helped John achieve so much in his business. Since 2013 he has:

  • Automated all of his payment processes.
  • Launched several side-businesses that link to his main business thanks to Ontraport.
  • Collected data from 150,000 customers.
  • Launched his own membership website.

Bring it all together and you have a formula that’s helped Learning Herbs grow into a multi-million dollar business. From 2013 through to the beginning of 2017, the company has generated $4 million in sales.

How Can You Improve Your Sales Using Ontraport?

John’s story shows just how much you can achieve using Ontraport. He started by automating several processes within a single small business. Today, he uses the platform to run several businesses, all of which he interlinks. John can now use the data he collects for each individual business to boost sales across all of his businesses.

Following his strategy will help you to increase your sales. And you can build on what he’s shared with these three techniques, all of which Automation Agency can help you implement.

Technique #1 – Integrate PlusThis

PlusThis is an add-on that you can integrate directly into Ontraport. It essentially builds on Ontraport’s feature list so that you can build even more robust marketing campaigns.

Its features include the following:

  • Video tracking and triggers that allow you to send targeted marketing materials based on how people view your videos.
  • Facebook retargeting that helps you make your funnels more efficient and ensures you don’t miss out on leads.
  • A range of mobile marketing functionalities primarily focused on SMS marketing.
  • Webinar management functions that allow you to do what you need to with your webinar within Ontraport.
  • The ability to create expiring offers, which you can use to increases sales through the suggestion of scarcity.

This only scratches the surface of what PlusThis can do for your business. We go into a lot more detail about what it is and how to integrate it in this blog post.

Using PlusThis provides you with a lot more options in your marketing campaigns.

Technique #2 – Use One-Off Broadcasts to Your Advantage

Most Ontraport users focus on automating their emails so that they can maintain contact with clients. However, not every email campaign requires constant follow-up. There are times when it’s better to just send one-off emails. This ensures that people don’t start seeing your emails as spam that they shouldn’t pay attention to.

For example, you may have a limited time offer that expires within a day or two. In this case, sending multiple emails isn’t an option. You don’t have much time and you don’t want to clog inboxes with messages.

A one-off broadcast works much better in this scenario.

Automation Agency can help you to create this one-off campaign. You just send us your email and we handle the rest for you.

Technique #3 – Use Ontraport Partner Centre

Did you know that referral marketing generates between three and five times as many conversions as other sales channels?

Plus, the customers you get through referrals spend an average of 200% more than customers from other sources.

Referrals are a valuable source of sales for your business. Ontraport Partner Centre allows you to create and manage relationships with referrers.

It allows you to handle everything from the products that referrers can advertise through to the commissions that you pay them. And you can do it all within Ontraport using automations to set up payment structures.

Despite this, the Partner Centre is one of the platform’s most underappreciated features. We can help you get set up so you can benefit from referral marketing.

The Takeaway

Learning Herbs offers an inspiring story of a business built from a simple idea. Today, it’s a multi-faceted business that’s still extremely simple to run.

Ontraport made all of that happen.

You can use the platform to streamline your own processes. Plus, adding in our additional tips could help you achieve even better results than Learning Herbs.

If you want to implement anything that you’ve seen in this article, just send a task to the Automation Agency team. You can also download our Outsourced Task Ideas for Ontraport users guide to discover other ways that we can help you.

Or perhaps you’re not sure if we’re a good fit for your business? If that’s the case, a quick chat with our Right Fit Chatbot will help you make your decision.

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