How PlusThis Takes Your Marketing Automation to the Next Level

How PlusThis Takes Your Marketing Automation to the Next Level

Carl Taylor | June 22, 2021

Proper automation presents plenty of challenges due to the vast field of activities encompassed in a modern marketing campaign. Luckily, PlusThis has an answer for each of those challenges.

PlusThis is a specialised add-on that provides almost every tool imaginable for marketing automation. It has numerous options to boost a marketing campaign, whether using SMS, webinars, Facebook, or other resources.

The add-on currently has over 4,000 users involved in many different industries. It has reached worldwide distribution, with users in over 50 countries making more than 45 million campaign transactions every month.

The rising popularity of PlusThis is no surprise, given that it now boasts over 60 different tools that help companies design highly effective marketing campaigns.

It’s worth mentioning that PlusThis was designed to cater to a particular niche. Those benefiting the most from the add-on are business owners and marketers focused on growth who use Infusionsoft, Hubspot, or another automation software with PlusThis integration.

The fact is, manually managing an extensive marketing campaign can be very challenging and inefficient. That’s why a powerful automation tool like PlusThis is ideal for those wanting to streamline and get the most out of their campaigns.

In this article, we’ll take a thorough look at some of the crucial PlusThis features that could help you take your marketing automation to the next level.

The 11 Features that Make PlusThis Worth Considering

1. SMS Sequences

With this simple yet efficient feature, you can design SMS sequences in several ways. One option is to utilise Twilio to send messages, which sounds relatively straightforward. But you can also create something akin to an SMS bot to conduct automated conversations.

PlusThis SMS function even allows you to go offline with your campaign and bypass sending emails to your customer’s overcrowded inboxes.

2. Webinar Management

If you connect PlusThis with Zoom Webinar, you can manage everything in one place – from registering and sending reminders to segmenting attendees and non-attendees. The most significant upside of this feature is that you can use only the preferred landing page tools and avoid the generic registration pages.

Once you connect the add-on with your Zoom Webinar account, you’ll see all of the scheduled webinars in a list. Selecting one will make it sync with PlusThis, giving you access to numerous settings.

You’ll also be able to automate every part of your webinar campaign, apply various tags on people participating in polls or attending your webinars, store links, and much more. PlusThis also provides guidance when it comes to aspects of the campaign that need further automation. It will take care of those aspects behind the scene while you focus on the webinar.

There are no limitations to how many webinars you can handle with PlusThis – it provides support for recurring and one-off Zoom webinars.

3. Scarcity Triggers

Limited offers are among the best incentives for customer engagement, and PlusThis has a fantastic tool to automate the delivery of such offers. The add-on manages scarcity triggers in such a way that no manual work will be required.

You can decide on the tags you want to count, such as those applied to people who buy a specific product. Every rule and value for your scarcity campaign is adjustable – you can tailor your limited offer to the finest detail.

PlusThis will apply tags based on numbers that are lesser, greater, equal, or non-equal to a set value. The best thing is, you can add several conditions. Would you like to give the premium offer to the first 10 buyers, an excellent offer to the next 10, and the standard to everyone else? With PlusThis, you can easily set up all that.

4. Email Surveys

Surveys aren’t always the most popular among customers. Sometimes, even reaching a 1% response rate is considered a success. However, PlusThis can make your surveys much more enticing and effective by embedding them into emails.

You can even choose between different surveys, including yes-or-no questions, answers on a 1-10 scale, and questions with multiple choices. Furthermore, you can tag participants based on how they responded and PlusThis will trigger appropriate automation.

There’s a straightforward survey creation wizard to guide you through designing your survey seamlessly. Once you’ve sent it out, your customers who respond will get a personalised outcome based on their choices – you can set up a different landing page for different survey answers.

Finally, PlusThis makes it easy to apply tags, add participants to lists, and trigger other follow-up processes depending on survey answers.

5. Video Triggers

If you have video content out, you can track which customers and leads have seen your video and how long they watched it. Then, you can set up triggers that apply different automation and tags depending on the watch time.

Using video triggers is a great way to incentivise and reward viewers, as you can use PlusThis to send them more videos, emails, and other content.

The way to set up video triggers with PlusThis is quite easy – you need to upload your video embed code. You can choose to host your video on one of the most popular platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Vidalytics, or Wistia, and the add-on will seamlessly integrate.

Select the engagement points and PlusThis will apply automation on those cues.

6. Calculate Event Time

This tool helps you determine how much time your sales conversion takes, how long a customer has been with you, and much more. It can also calculate the time that has passed between two events and store it, giving you vital analytics and guidelines for your campaign.

You can choose the two events from fields, applied tags, contact creation, or other dates. PlusThis will then store the result of the calculation in a field of your choice, connecting with your CRM for full automation of these calculations.

This automation is possible because PlusThis will track events through tags, dates, webhooks, and HTTP posts.

Using this tool will allow you to find out the time it takes for a lead to convert into a customer, and that kind of data can prove invaluable for mapping out your strategy moving forward.

7. Validate Contacts

PlusThis can help you validate different contact information, including emails and phone numbers. You can find out whether a number is a landline, VOIP, or mobile and discover the country code at the same time.

Also, you can set up the add-on to validate phone numbers, emails, or both, and subsequently apply tags of your choice.

The tool becomes particularly valuable once you apply it to your CRM, which is quite straightforward. You can place the snippet into the CRM and PlusThis will perform automatic validation for every contact that gets on your list. Naturally, you’ll be able to run the validation on existing lists.

8. Countdown Timers

There are various countdown timers you can set up using the dedicated PlusThis tool. The timers can be fixed date or evergreen, and they can be set for emails, sales pages, or order forms.

You can base how PlusThis will activate the countdown timers based on downloads, purchases, opt-ins, or other parameters. Once you set the timer, the contact will be redirected to a specified page when the timer reaches the deadline.

It’s possible to make the timers custom by selecting a font and colour from a vast number of options. When you’re satisfied with the design, you can embed the timer into pages, your website, or emails.

Embedding in emails is quickly done by copying and pasting a simple URL to your email builder, and embedding on your website is just as straightforward.

9. Email Triggers

PlusThis can help you tag contacts based on how they engage with your emails. The add-on can apply tags based on contact engagement or a lack of it, their email status, time since they’ve last engaged, and many other parameters.

You can choose to tag contacts who opted in, bounced, hard-bounced, or are marketable. Once you choose whether to tag engaged or unengaged contacts, you can decide on how often the email trigger should run.

This PlusThis tool will allow you to maintain high deliverability and automate the cleaning up process for your contact list.

You can also tag contacts who reply to your emails and filter tags based on the use of specific keywords.

10. Facebook Triggers

With PlusThis, you can follow your leads throughout your campaigns and retarget them according to their journey. This will help you sync contacts with the most sensible ads for each one, reinforcing your messaging.

You can target leads with tailor-made messages depending on the specific actions they take in your funnel.

The setup process for this is simple: connect your Facebook account with PlusThis and either select an existing audience or create a new one. PlusThis will automatically sync the contacts and add them to a particular audience once they reach a specific campaign point. Similarly, you can remove contacts from audiences based on the criteria you set.

The number of contacts you can manage this way is unlimited.

11. One-Click Upsell

You can create easy and accessible upsell or down-sell offers that will appear on a thank you page once a customer makes a purchase through Keap. All it will take will be a single click.

It’s easy to configure this feature in PlusThis.

Choose a product for the offer and add any options that can override it, such as quantity or pricing. Then you can edit other settings regarding the offer duration, adding to existing orders, redirecting, tagging, and much more.

As it currently stands, this feature will only work if Keap can collect payment information, which means that charging for the upsell via a processor like PayPal isn’t possible. Still, orders placed through merchant accounts can go through PayPal.

Transform Your Site Into an SEO Powerhouse

You’ve seen only a fraction of what PlusThis has to offer. The add-on is a genuinely versatile resource with automation tools that will undoubtedly expand your campaign’s functionality.

With the available customisation and detailed settings, you’ll be able to adjust PlusThis to your particular needs.

Automation Agency can help you set up and use these powerful tools to the maximum result. Visit us on this link and get in touch with our Concierge Service that will provide you with all of the support you need for PlusThis and more.

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