How Thrive Themes Can Help You Build a High-Converting Website

How Thrive Themes Can Help You Build a High-Converting Website

Carl Taylor | May 24, 2021

Lead conversion is the crucial purpose of your website, and optimising it to best meet that goal should be among your top priorities. Here’s why Thrive Themes is an ideal tool to do just that.

Most aspects of a marketing campaign are directed towards generating leads on your website. Once those meticulously-created copies, visuals, and other types of content do their job, potential customers will end up on your landing page. The most important part of your entire campaign begins at that point.

If your website is built correctly and optimised for conversions, it will make all of the effort worthwhile by turning visitors into customers. But if the optimisation isn’t there, or if it’s done poorly, no amount of marketing will make up for it.

In other words, while setting up your marketing campaign is essential, it’s your website that ultimately makes sales and calls happen.

With a staggering number of websites running on WordPress, it’s no surprise the most effective solutions to the issue of optimisation have surfaced in that market. Thrive Themes is among the most helpful, and the functions it offers can make a mediocre website into a lead conversion machine.

From powerful, versatile tools to top-quality customer support, here are the important reasons why you should consider Thrive Themes for your site optimisation needs.

Why Thrive Themes Is Worth Considering

Thrive Themes is a suite of products focused on making your website highly optimised for conversions. The pricing is quite competitive, with flexible buying options available, and the features you’ll get for the price are more than worth it.

1. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a plugin that allows you to build an expansive email list quickly and efficiently. The plugin has various types of opt-in forms, built-in analytics tools, and a vast array of other compelling features.

You are free to customise the opt-in pop-ups in many different ways, from their appearance to the triggers that activate them. Some of the more popular types include ribbon, screen filler, widget, post footer, and scroll mat, with each type offering several form templates to choose from. But you can also choose to insert your custom-coded PHP form.

And if you’d like to further personalise the pop-up, you can design a custom form via the user-friendly drag-and-drop builder. With about 40 different elements that you can add or remove from the form, it’s easy to make the design your own. And tweaking the dimensions and colour of each component is relatively straightforward.

But if you’re unsure of which form type and style will perform the best, the split testing feature will help you decide. This feature allows you to pit different forms against each other and determine the winner based on traffic distribution, which means you’ll always be using the most effective form.

Pop-up triggers are just as customisable as forms, making your website behave precisely the way you want. Once visitors engage through the opt-in, there are more features that will further contribute to lead conversion.

You can use multi-state forms to segment your audience and add them to separate lists. When new contacts populate an email list, there are mechanisms for asset delivery that will help you send out your lead magnets, white papers, or eBooks.

Since what you send is just as important as how you send it, you should ensure your lead magnets are of the best quality. If you want to have some beautiful PDFs for giveaways, Automation Agency can create the most appealing documents out of a simple text file.

You can further adjust different features using the data provided by the analytics tools. And if you need any additional functionality, Thrive Leads has integration with tens of other services.

2. Thrive Ultimatum

With Thrive Ultimatum, you’ll get access to the most efficient scarcity marketing tools that will make your offers irresistible.

The plugin enables countdowns and a lockdown feature that makes the offer inaccessible once the countdown is over. And unlike most scarcity marketing tools, Thrive Ultimatum ensures your locked offers are genuinely unavailable, leaving no back entrance that leads to them.

Scarcity marketing is a popular sales and lead conversion strategy that’s especially useful when applied to discounts and special offers. But if such features remain available after the offer’s expired, the whole system can become counter-productive.

With Thrive Ultimatum, you can choose whether to actively lock down the offer or repeat the campaign some time later. You can also decide which trigger starts the campaign for those visiting for the first time.

3. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a page builder designed to provide you with the most effective landing page. It’s also an excellent tool for creating attractive blog pages and website homepages, but its main strength lies in lead generation and conversion.

The ‘what you see is what you get’ (WYSIWYG) builder has a simple, comprehensible interface that functions on the drag-and-drop system. With the various elements neatly organised, combining them on the page is effortless. Additionally, you can modify each part via the commands in the handy sidebar.

Page elements can be adjusted in various ways, including colour, dimensions, borders, background, and other aspects. That means you could use the same elements to create several completely different-looking pages.

Extensive mobile support presents a key feature of Thrive Architect. The builder has the option to toggle different elements based on the device displaying the page and adjust them according to the device’s display. With the growing number of visitors using their phones or tablets rather than desktop computers, this functionality in a site builder can be considered necessary.

Also, here are two essential features of this page builder that’s specifically designed for lead generation: the lead generation element and Thrive Lightboxes.

You can drop the lead generation element to an existing page or use one of the templates already included with Thrive Architect. And like all others, these elements are highly customisable. Extensive integration allows for connecting the lead generation element to the majority of the best email marketing platforms.

Thrive Lightboxes have similar functionality to Thrive Leads, but with only the basic options. Nevertheless, they provide you with decent, effective pop-ups that activate on the trigger of your choice.

4. Thrive Comments

Thrive Comments replaces the default system on your website, introducing plenty of additional functions. It’s an excellent way to improve user engagement and utilise it to boost your site’s performance.

The crucial features of Thrive Comments are focused on lead generation and conversion. You can set up the comment section so that users receive an opt-in or a CTA once they post a comment. This way, everyone who engages with your website has an easy way to join your email list.

Simultaneously, users can upvote their favourite comments, making that section of the site more interactive. While Thrive Comments doesn’t offer the variety of styles for forms that Thrive Leads or Architect have for design elements, there’s a certain level of customisation nonetheless.

The main point of this plugin is to boost conversions. And with an extensive list of features aimed at just that, Thrive Comments fulfils that purpose perfectly.

5. Thrive Optimise

Thrive Optimise is the ultimate testing tool for your website pages. It functions much like the split testing feature in Thrive Leads, but its test subjects are entire pages rather than a pop-up element.

When testing with Thrive Optimise function, you’ll be redirecting one part of your traffic to the original page and the other to a page with modified elements. For example, you can create a page version with a different CTA, pop-ups, or even a different copy and test it against the original.

The plugin will then let the traffic flow through both pages and track conversions, deciding on the winner. Once the test is over, you can make the better performing version into your default page and repeat the process with another modified element.

Through repeated testing and improving, you can get a landing page that’s perfectly optimised for lead conversion.

You can do an unlimited number of tests and page versions, making Thrive Optimise an ideal fine-tuning tool. And if you want, you can set the plugin to automatically decide the winner, leaving you free for other tasks at hand.

6. Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder introduces gamification into lead generation, with quizzes that focus on two objectives: building your email list and boosting shares on social networks.

There are numerous features to make the games more enticing to the audience, including several types of quizzes, questions, and templates.

The builder is very user-friendly and comes with a setup wizard that makes quiz creation even more streamlined. You can choose between a splash page, Q&A, opt-in gate, and results page types.

Since the plugin will do the rest, the only thing left is to create an exciting, captivating quiz with questions that will pique your audience’s interest.

Once you’ve launched the game and visitors start to respond, you can study the detailed reports that will show you how the quiz is performing. And if there’s a need to improve, you can run a split test with adjustments to those stages of the quiz where people tend to drop out.

The Right Content Speaks to the Right People

Thrive Themes offers a broad spectre of optimisation features that have a single purpose of improving your lead generation and conversion. While setting up and adjusting every element will undoubtedly take some time, the end results could turn out to be spectacular.

The package reportedly has a somewhat steep learning curve. However, this is balanced with their excellent support and considerable knowledge base.

You’ll get access to excellent features that could quickly make your conversions skyrocket if you decide on using Thrive Themes to boost your WordPress website. But to make the site function properly, you’ll need great hosting as well.

Automation Agency can help you set up your website hosting through our support for SiteGround. Go to this link to find out how our Concierge team can assist you in launching and maintaining a successful lead conversion website.

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