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How to Make a Powerful First Impression With Your Digital Products

Carl Taylor | April 11, 2017

If you’re selling digital products, then you need to make them pop. And what’s the best way to make that happen? With 3D covers.

Now, 3D covers aren’t only used to grab your visitors’ attention, but they can also make the product seem more valuable. We still like to receive tangible things for our hard-earned money.

When buying digital products, it can sometimes feel like we’re getting nothing in return. However, with 3D covers you can give off the appearance of something physical.

Below you’ll learn about the importance of 3D covers and why they work, and find some examples so you can think about how you can use them in your own business.

What Is a 3D Cover and Why Should You Have One?

No doubt, you’ve already been seduced by the lure of 3D covers online.

If you’ve ever bought a piece of software, an ebook, or an online course, then chances are you’ve stumbled across a 3D cover.

Some people believe using 3D covers can be kind of deceptive, but that isn’t true. Your customer is intelligent enough to understand that they won’t receive something physical when they place their order.

It’s a way to showcase your product that captivates your readers and gives physical clues to the value that’s packed inside your product, book, or software.

Why Do 3D Covers Work?

With a 3D cover your customers feel like they’re getting something valuable.

It helps them to visualize and put a physical marker on the information or software they will receive.

Plus, if all of your existing product images or book cover images are flat, they could blend in with any other images you might be using. Instead of your customer being pulled into your images, they’re scanning past them.


Which Covers Work Best?

There is a variety of cover types you can use in your existing marketing campaigns. Below you’ll find the most common cover types and which situations they can be used in.

3D Boxes

turbotax 3d cover example

3D boxes are commonly used for software products. This has appeal because a long time ago we all used to purchase our software in the physical form.

Today, a lot of our software is digital, but you can still use the allure of product boxes to give your products depth.


If you’re selling a video or audio course, you can up the aesthetic of your digital files with 3D CD and DVD sets. Check out how the online course Learn Scrivener Fast uses a DVD box to increase the value of their bonuses.

dvd 3d cover example

3D Books

ebook 3d cover example

3D book covers are used a lot in book promotion efforts. Even if you’re just selling a digital ebook, you can use the power of a 3D cover.


pdf 3d covers

Are you giving away a free PDF as an email opt-in? Instead of having a flat PDF cover, you could make this image 3D. It will help to increase the perceived value of your free giveaway.

Computer/Tablet Covers
tablet computer 3d cover example

This is a newer style of 3D cover which differs from the formats above. This style of cover superimposes your product image on a table. It is used for products like an iPad or a MacBook Pro.

Where to Add 3D Covers in Your Existing Campaign

You probably have a ton of existing locations where you can swap out your standard covers for eye-catching 3D covers. Below we dive into where you can place any new 3D covers you want to create.

1. Landing Pages

If you have an existing landing page for a product, you can make it even more powerful by including 3D covers. When you’re showcasing the information your product contains, you can break it down by including 3D covers for certain product elements.


2. Order Forms

On your order forms or checkout pages you can include a 3D cover of the product they’re purchasing. Instead of a simple line of text, you can give your reader a preview of what they’re getting.

This will encourage purchases, instead of having customers back out at the last minute because they don’t feel like they’re getting enough value.

3. Inside Your Products

3d cover example

Using 3D covers inside products can be beneficial for up-selling other products and services. Take a look at the example above. The image comes from the inside of a Kindle ebook, and it entices readers to grab a free audiobook and join their email list.

This is much more effective than a bare link or flat image.

4. Emails

If you send out promotional emails to your list, then you can embed these images right into your customer emails.

When adding images to your emails, make sure you test the use of images compared to plain text links. The web is becoming increasingly visual, but you’ll want to test to see how this style of email performs in your niche.

5. Social Media Images and Banners

You already know the importance of having a stellar social media banner, but did you know you can even include your 3D covers inside your social media banners? What about in your Facebook Ads or your social media posts!

Essentially, in any location where you’re using a flat image of your books, software, or other digital products, you can use a 3D cover instead.

Want a 3D Cover designed? We can help!

Our Design Heroes regularly create 3D covers for coaches and small businesses just like you. You can see a few samples of our designs in our Design Portfolio.

Take a look at our service plans to see how wee can assist you in designing a beautiful 3D cover for your existing digital products.

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