Laura Roeder’s Journey from $100k to $800k (And Four Tips for Streamlining Your Email Campaigns)

Carl Taylor | May 14, 2019

Any email campaign can help you to keep your clients engaged with your service. However, it’s crucial that you streamline the campaign to save money and increase revenue. Here are four tips to help you.

Email campaigns are among the oldest digital marketing techniques around.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not effective anymore. A good email campaign can generate plenty of revenue for a fairly low investment. Plus, coaches and businesses can use emails to maintain communication with existing clients.

As a result, email is a powerful tool for engagement as well as sales.

That’s why so many coaches focus on building their email lists. However, you’re going to run into a few hurdles as your list grows. The larger and more segmented the list, the more difficult it is to run streamlined email campaigns.

Failure to confront this issue means your campaigns aren’t as effective as they should be.

Laura Roeder found herself facing this very problem. This is how she overcame it.

Laura Roeder Streamlines Her Email Campaigns

With a degree in advertising from the University of Texas to her name, Laura Roeder moved to Chicago to start her career. After a couple of years of working with a marketing agency, she decided to strike out on her own.

As a small business owner, any customer was a good customer at first. Initially, Laura offered one-on-one consultations. But as the business grew, she decided to change the model. Instead of working with clients individually, she focused on creating video content that all clients could access at any time.

The Challenge

The move created impressive growth for her business. But it also presented a challenge.

Laura’s list of contacts kept growing and she struggled to integrate all of the data. She kept separate lists for her email marketing, online sales, and contact management.

The result was that she struggled to discern new clients from existing ones. Plus, she created a lot of needless work that proper integration and automation could resolve. Laura had to spend hours manually updating her list every week.

Simply put, her email campaigns weren’t as effective as they could be because she always struggled to access relevant data.

The Solution

For Laura, Infusionsoft provided the solution to her problem.

It allows her to maintain her lists more accurately and integrate information between lists.

Furthermore, she’s streamlined her email campaigns thanks to this integration. Now, it takes her less time to send emails. And the campaigns that she creates prove more effective. She can now target audiences with specific information.

This streamlining of her systems allows for more effective email campaigns. And Laura has seen the results in her returns.

Before she started using Infusionsoft, Laura generated about $100,000 in revenue per year. Today, she’s generating $800,000 annually.

How Can You Streamline Your Email Campaigns

Laura’s biggest problem was that manually managing a huge list led to lacklustre email campaigns. Instead of creating specific campaigns, she sent blanket marketing messages to the entire list.

That proved ineffective and time-consuming.

Her story shows that a quality CRM can help you to save time and create more streamlined campaigns. Here are four tips that may help you to do the same.

Tip #1 – Segment Your Audiences

Failing to properly segment your audience creates all sorts of issues. As Laura discovered, it leads to you failing to send targeted messages out. Plus, you have to do a lot of manual work if you do try to create a targeted campaign.

For example, you may have an email list containing 10,000 people. That equates to hours of checking individual entries to see who’s a lead and who’s an existing customer.

Segmenting your audiences can help you to break the list down into specific categories. You can then create automated email sequences that appeal to the specific needs of each category.

Tagging can help you to do this. At a basic level, you can tag each member of your list based on how you need to treat them. For example, someone tagged as a “New Lead” would enter a different automation than someone tagged as a “Recent Customer”.

However, you can also segment the list based on specific interests or actions. This proves useful for more specific campaigns that may take such interests into account.

The key with all of this is that the tags allow you to automatically plug relevant people into the automated email sequences that you create. This streamlines your campaigns because it saves you time and simplifies your processes.

Automation Agency can help you with tagging, segmenting, and creating automated email sequences. Just send a task to us today to get started.

Tip #2 – Consolidate Your Sales and Marketing Systems

In Laura’s case, she attempted to segment her list into marketing and sales lists.

That may work when you have a small list. But as your list grows, you may introduce new processes into your business.

For example, you may implement a referral program. Someone who’s bought from you before may refer a new lead to your business. The new lead goes into the marketing system whereas the previous customer stays in the sales system.

This makes it very difficult to track who referred the lead. Plus, you’ll struggle to keep up with incentives and other aspects of the referral program.

That’s just one example. You may also have a re-marketing campaign that targets previous customers with an offer. Of course, those customers are already in your sales list. That means you either have to create a new list for the campaign or duplicate their records for the marketing list.

This can create a lot of confusion and complexity.

Laura solved this problem by consolidating all of her separate lists into a single list. Then, she used segmentation techniques, such as tagging, to help when creating specific campaigns.

This eliminates duplication issues and makes it easier for her to manage her list.

Tip #3 – Use Your CRM to Track Recipient Behaviour

No email campaign starts off perfect. Even if you’ve identified a target audience and created a campaign for those people, you still have to track the results. You may not have noticed something that will affect the success of the campaign. Or, there may be an inefficiency that doesn’t arise until the campaign’s underway.

That’s why it’s so important to track your email recipients’ behaviour. What are your open rates? What percentage of people click through to your website from the email?

How many sales does the campaign lead to?

Marketing automation can help you to answer these questions. Using your CRM, you can track various metrics related to your campaigns. You can then use these metrics to make changes where needed and to influence future campaigns.

This constant analysis and adapting makes your campaigns even more effective. Thus, you achieve greater returns from the same investment.

Tip #4 – Use Workflows to Define Rule Sets

Many assume that workflows are only useful for project management.

That’s not the case. Several CRMs allow you to define workflows that relate to your automated email campaigns.

With a workflow, you set specific rules and milestones for the campaign. You can also define what happens when the recipient takes certain actions. Such actions then trigger an automatic response within the confines of the workflow.

For example, you may send an introductory email to a segment of new leads. You could add the user action “Opens Email” into your workflow. If the recipient opens the email, they go to a follow-up portion of the workflow. If they don’t, they go into another portion focused on trying to reignite their interest.

This proves especially useful when creating complex email sequences. A workflow can automate the entire sequence while taking specific user actions into account. That means you don’t have to manually involve yourself at any stage.

Automation Agency can help you to set up a workflow for your email campaign. Send a task to us today to get started.

Streamline Your Email Campaigns

Through the use of marketing automation, you can streamline your email campaigns. Consolidating your lists and segmenting using tags makes your list easier to manage. It also makes it easier to create automated email sequences based on more specific criteria.

This means you can create more targeted campaigns. Plus, you save time you would have spent on manually selecting appropriate recipients.

Automation Agency can help you to streamline your email campaigns. Send a task to us today to take action and make your campaigns more effective.

And if you’re not already working with us, you may need to know if we’re a good fit for you. Try having a conversation with our Right Fit Chatbot to find out.

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