need to build forms for your website? Discover the features that make Jotform the ideal choice

Quality website forms make a huge difference to your conversion rates. Find out why JotForm may be the best tool for you to create great forms.

Your goal with your landing pages is to capture the details of as many leads as possible.

You’ve spent hours tightening up the content and ensuring the page aligns with your ad copy. Finally, you launch the page, fully expecting to see a flow of new leads come into your business.

But the results aren’t what you expected.

You dig back into the landing page content and can’t see anything that would put people off. You then check the form you’re using to capture your visitors’ details.

Maybe that’s the source of your issues.

A low-quality form doesn’t just detract from the visual appeal of your website or landing page. Poor formatting also makes you seem less professional. This leads to visitors losing trust in you. After all, if you can’t get a website form right, what else might you get wrong if they start working with you?

You need a tool that can help you build powerful forms that generate leads.

The challenge is that there are so many tools and plugins available that claim to do this.

The Automation Agency team has tested several of these tools as part of our mission to help you build better landing pages. And through this testing, we’ve found that JotForm may be the tool to help you.

What is JotForm?

It’s an online form building tool that claims to offer forms for all types of businesses.

Does it deliver on those promises?

What features does JotForm have that make it stand apart from other form building tools?

In this article, we answer those questions with an examination of the tool’s key features.

Feature #1 – Varied Pricing Tiers (With a Free Tier for New Website Owners)

Having to pay for a new plugin puts many people off. You may want to experiment with some features first before you commit to spending money on the platform.

JotForm has you covered.

The tool offers a Free plan that gives you the following:

  • Five forms for your website
  • The ability to process up to 100 form entries per month
  • The ability to process up to 10 payments per month

This is ideal if you’re just looking to test what JotForm can do on a new website. However, the limits to form entries, in particular, will mean that the free plan won’t last once you start generating a lot of traffic.

Assuming the free version of the platform aligned with your needs, JotForm offers several paid packages. These include:

Bronze – Priced at $19 per month, this package bumps form entries to 10,000 per month. JotForm will also remove its own branding from your forms. Plus, it allows you to create up to 25 forms for use on your websites.

Silver – At $39 per month, this package keeps the number of form entries the same as in the Bronze package. However, it removes all limits on the number of people who can view your forms. This package also checks forms for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliance. You also get the ability to create 100 forms.

Gold – For $99 per month, you bump your form submissions limit to 100,000. You’ll have no more limits on the number of forms you can create. Plus, all of the benefits from the Silver package carry forward.

This tiered pricing model means that JotForm can scale with your website. When you’re starting out, the Free or Bronze package may serve you well. And as you start generating more leads, you can upgrade to one of the other packages at a later date.

Feature #2 – A Simple Drag-and-Drop Interface

You won’t need a scrap of coding experience with JotForm. It features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows you to put forms together in a matter of minutes.

You can choose from several form elements for your forms, including short answers, tick boxes, and drop-down fields. The form builder also allows you to quickly alter the contents of these fields so your forms come together nicely.

Interestingly, the form builder separates widgets and payment integrations from the main elements. This is actually a handy touch, as it means new users don’t get confused by these more advanced features. Instead, they can explore them only when they’re ready to use them.

You can also add your own branding to your forms and preview them with the click of a button.

Feature #3 – Over 10,000 Templates to Choose From

The sheer number of templates that JotForm offers helps it stand out from similar platforms. It offers over 10,000 templates, all of which you can access at no charge. The platform also arranges these templates by category. This makes it easier to find the exact type of template you’re looking for.

Generally speaking, these templates focus on the aesthetic aspect of the forms, rather than the content. Once you’ve made your selection, you can jump into the drag-and-drop interface.

The only real issue here is that JotForm doesn’t offer a way to mark certain templates as favourites. This means you’ll have to go through the process of searching a template again if you want to use it for another site.

Still, with so many templates available, it’s practically impossible that you won’t find something that suits your needs.

Feature #4 – A Simple Dashboard

User-friendliness is a key part of the JotForm package. When you boot the platform up, you’re taken to a simple dashboard.

From here, you can create new forms and navigate through the platform. The dashboard also displays all of your currently active forms. This lets you quickly navigate to them and make alterations.

You can also dispose of old forms or place them in your archive. The dashboard offers quick links to both the trash bin and archive page, too. As a result, you can always go back and grab a form that you accidentally deleted.

Feature #5 – 24/7 Email Support

The JotForm website offers a host of tutorials and customer support documentation. If you have an issue, the odds are high that you’ll find an answer among these materials. However, the website itself isn’t as easy to navigate as you may like.

The good news is that JotForm also offers 24/7 email support. If you can’t find answers in the customer resources, just raise a ticket with the support centre. You’ll generally receive quick replies, which allows you to get on with building your forms with few delays.

Feature #6 – Solid Platform Integration

The platform integrates with a range of other tools that you’re likely to use in your business.

For example, you can have JotForm send notifications to Slack whenever somebody completes a form. The platform also integrates with Dropbox, which allows easy storage of submitted forms. It also integrates with Google suite, which allows for email notifications when forms get filled out.

If you want to take payments directly through your forms, you’ll find that JotForm also integrates with Square and PayPal.

All told, the platform offers around 200 app integrations. It also allows you to use widgets to customise your forms. That means you can use widgets to allow people to upload images or e-sign your forms, for example.

Feature #7 – Customisable Email Reply Addresses

Speed matters when it comes to responding to new leads. In fact, 78% of people will buy from the company that responds to them first.

A rapid response shows the prospect that you care about attracting their business. It also places you ahead of any competitors that they’ve checked out.

JotForm allows for this rapid response.

You can program an auto-responder email into the platform that gets sent as soon as somebody fills out a form. Better yet, you can assign any email address to that auto-response. This allows respondents to get in touch through your company channels if they have any questions.

Feature #8 – You Can Accept Payments via Your Forms

Collecting leads isn’t the only use you might have for forms.

Others include registering people for events, collecting donations, and taking bookings. For such uses, you’ll need to offer the respondent an easy way to make payments.

Again, JotForm has you covered.

We’ve already mentioned that the platform integrates with PayPal and Square. You can add Stripe to that list as well. And this payment integration comes at no extra cost because you get it as part of any package above the Free tier. You’ll still have to pay any fees that your chosen payment processor charges, though.

Feature #9 – You Can Use CSS to Change Form Templates

Let’s say you have some coding experience and you’re not getting what you need from the drag-and-drop form builder.

That’s okay, because JotForm allows you to access the code behind the form as well. The platform offers access to the full source code behind your forms. And this means you can inject HTML, CSS, or any other relevant language to further customise the form.

Feature #10 – You Can Add Collaborators to Your Form

Do you have a team of people who all need access to the forms you create?

JotForm allows you to add collaborators to any form, allowing them to make edits as needed. You can generate a link to the form, which you’ll send to the collaborator. Once they click the link, they can get to work. It works even if they don’t have JotForm installed.

For example, let’s say you’ve quickly put a form together. You can then share the link with your content editor, who’ll ensure all of the text looks the part. You can then send that link to a designer, who can touch up the form template and apply your branding.

And you can do all of this without any additional cost.

Is JotForm the Form Builder for You?

As you can see, JotForm offers a wide range of useful features for anybody who needs quality forms.

The huge number of templates also means you’ll always find something to suit your needs. Plus, the ability to customise those templates with your own branding and CSS makes the platform flexible.

With over 200 app integrations, JotForm will also fit into your current workflow nicely.

You may just need a little help to make that happen, which is where we come in.

JotForm is among the many platforms that the Automation Agency Concierge Service supports.

If you’re already a member, you can send a task today to get access to the platform as part of your membership fee. But if you’re not, head to our supported platforms page to find out more about how we can help you.

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