7 Ways to Increase Email Opt-Ins & Conversions on Your WordPress Site

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Today, consumers are bombarded with more ads and attention-grabbing content than ever before. The fierce competition for attention makes customer acquisition cost soar.

To succeed in this economy you must become incredibly efficient in your marketing expenses and increase the ROI for every dollar you spend. Boosting your conversions is a way to go here. For example, if you get your conversions from 2% to 4%, you just doubled your ROI. That’s powerful.

In other words, you want to start taking conversion optimizations seriously right now. Here are seven ways to get started.

1. Copywriting

Most copy out there is generic, cluttered with useless words and simply weak. Powerful copy is a spoken language in written form. It’s your dialogue with your customer.

It’s what makes them say ‘yes’ when it comes to signing up for your service or newsletter, or buying your product.

leadpages website copy

The Leadpages website copy is clean, direct, and easy for customers to understand.

First, know your customer well enough to make your copy personal. You won’t sound very convincing if you don’t know who you’re talking to. Know their desires, needs, fears and concerns so you can address them.

Then make it simple by cutting out all jargon and clutter. Use language a fifth-grader would understand.

Lastly, turn your focus on all your headlines. In copywriting, your headline is the 80% of success. Great headlines are specific and unique, communicate value, and stress urgency to act.


2. Offer Value

Make your offer specific and personalized to your customer’s needs. It’s not about what it is but how you sell it.

Your product solves a pain your customer is experiencing. If you can communicate how your product or service solves that particular pain, you are providing a great offer.

The more personalized you can make it, the better. Top marketers segment their traffic so they can hit their prospects with powerful targeted offers.

3. Build Trust

Whether you’re collecting email sign-ups or selling something online, you’re asking your visitors for private information. No sane person would give their personal email address or credit card details to someone they don’t trust.

This is where many websites screw up. They don’t convey trust and credibility, and as a result, they scare customers away.

Sites that are trustworthy put extra effort in displaying relevant testimonials and endorsements. A beautiful design conveys credibility too.

neil patel website copy

Neil Patel builds trust with a mix of testimonials and trust signs.

Then there are trust signs. Show off the logos of your customers, partners and media that have made a mention of your company. Make your address and contact details visible too.

4. Streamline Your Sales Funnel

Every page of your website should have a single call to action (CTA) that takes your prospects to the next stage of the conversion journey.

The CTA button must stand out with contrasting color and design, and have compelling  microcopy that stresses the urgency to act.

streamline sales funnelMake your forms as simple as possible. Take away every step that isn’t absolutely necessary.

51% of visitors choose not to fill in a checkout form. Of those 49% who start filling it out, only 16% finish the process, according to a recent study of 12.5 million pieces of user data.

People hate filling in forms. The less painful you make it for them, the more conversions you’ll get.

5. Split Testing

When it comes to conversion optimization, you can either follow some best practices, or do your own testing and evolve from there. The former makes you a follower, the latter makes you a leader.

split testing

In reality, each market is unique with its own peculiarities. Therefore, you want to find out on your own and adjust to that reality.

Split testing, heat maps, surveys and other forms of research can be a powerful way to boost your conversions.

6. Talk to Your Customers

Providing great customer support and talking to your customers in particular (e.g. through a live-chat widget) can skyrocket your conversions.

For example, web marketer and consultant Sujan Patel increased conversions by 250% and tripled the click-through rates simply by talking to customers.

People like to deal with other people. And they often need a helping hand to progress in the conversion process. Make yourself easily available so you can help them to get there.

If you can’t afford talking to your customers through live-chat, make sure you at least provide solid support and a simple, easy-to-use knowledge base.


7. Retargeting

A returning visitor is a hot lead. They’re highly likely to convert. You want to treat these leads differently so you can make the most out of the opportunity.

retargeting example

GrowthGrind details the details the four-step retargeting method

One way to boost the number of returning visitors is retargeting. Tools like Retargeter, AdRoll or Perfect Audience allow you to tag your visitors and target them with ads outside of your website.

That makes it possible for you to boost the number of hot leads that are most likely to convert and increase your conversion rates as a result.

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Carl Taylor is the Founder & CEO of Automation Agency. For the past 10 years Carl has been building businesses and marketing them online through the use of Sales Funnels, Email Marketing Automation, Landing Pages, and Wordpress Websites. Carl is also a #1 author and highly sought after speaker and consultant whose work has impacted thousands of businesses across various industries worldwide.