What is SiteGround? (And Why It Might Be the Best Hosting Solution for You)

Carl Taylor | January 5, 2022

Hosting is an essential part of running a successful website. That’s why exceptionally reliable hosting services such as SiteGround deserve your full attention. Here’s what makes SiteGround stand out from the competition.

Having a quality website is the foundation of online marketing. After all, your site is the endpoint of your campaign. It’s the place that converts all of the leads your marketing brings in.

If you want your website to fulfil its purpose the way it should, it won’t be enough to just build it right. You’ll also need an optimal hosting solution to ensure your website’s dependable and always available.

SiteGround offers just that.

It’s a comprehensive and dependable hosting service with a user base of over 2 million and growing. As a platform that offers various kinds of web hosting, including WordPress, WooCommerce, and Cloud hosting, it’s versatile enough to meet most user requirements.

Automation Agency can help you leverage SiteGround in your business and use the platform to great effect. Still, you might be wondering why you should choose this solution instead of another one.

This article will answer that very question and explain some of the key features that make SiteGround an excellent hosting solution.

What Makes SiteGround a Good Choice for Hosting?

Reason #1. It’s Extremely Fast

Various factors play into how fast your website will be, but hosting is undoubtedly among the crucial ones. Your hosting server sends the appropriate files that make website loading possible, which means your site’s speed will depend on the host’s responsiveness.

When it comes to user experience, it’s worth noting that a difference of only a few seconds in loading can lead to incredibly high bounce rates. With that said, site speed is also among the primary criteria Google uses to rank websites.

SiteGround provides great benefits in this regard by offering consistent load speeds that can surpass other servers by up to four times. The platform currently ranks very high in terms of speed, partially due to the abundance of data centres SiteGround has all over the world.

The fact is that the distance your website data travels is important for loading speed. With major centres in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia, SiteGround avoids distance-related issues.

Reason #2. It Offers Almost 100% Uptime

SiteGround has a strict policy when it comes to uptime. The service guarantees 99.9% uptime and backs up this guarantee with a month of free hosting for each percent your uptime drops below that threshold.

So far, testing has shown that the hosting provider’s doing well in keeping this rather ambitious promise.

After several months, the average uptime didn’t seem to drop to more than 99.7%, which is pretty impressive. This means SiteGround users likely won’t have the opportunity to use the mentioned free hosting, not when losing an entire 1% of uptime currently seems unimaginable.

Reason #3. You Get Regular Backups on All Plans

Regardless of which plan you choose, SiteGround offers free backup for your website. The best part about this service is that the backups are done daily, which means you can restore the website to an earlier version at any point.

Backup is, of course, crucial for every business, especially those that primarily function online. You’re always at potential risk from data loss, various malfunctions, and even hacking.

When something like that happens, it’s very comforting to know that your data isn’t gone forever. That’s the main reason why Automation Agency has a daily offsite backup service, and the same goes for SiteGround.

With some advanced plans, backups on SiteGround can be scheduled to the time of your choosing. Additionally, on-demand backups are also available.

With the on-demand option, you can back up your website at any moment and even choose particular parts of data to save. On-demand backups are available on every SiteGround plan and are free of charge for higher-tier plans.

Reason #4. It Provides Amazing Customer Support (Including 24/7 Phone Support)

According to SiteGround users, the hosting service has impressive customer support. In fact, SiteGround has a policy of overstaffing when it comes to representatives, which makes customer support available almost constantly.

SiteGround also has phone support around the clock, which is a great benefit for users worldwide, and the same goes for live chat. You can reach these representatives whenever you need help resolving an issue by way of tickets, email, live chat, or phone. Many users even report the waiting time for replies on their tickets to be as short as less than 10 minutes.

A particularly important feature of SiteGround’s customer support is that the support team is made up of experts. In other words, the customer service isn’t limited to answering simple questions – they can provide actual technical support at a moment’s notice.

Although customer support is already quite fast and responsive, you can opt for a higher plan tier where you’ll get premium service in the form of Advanced Priority Support. This means your tickets and requests will have priority over others and will always be delegated to those with the greatest experience.

Reason #5. It Comes With World-Class Hosting Features

When it comes to SiteGround’s feature set, the hosting provider leaves little to be desired. The number of databases the platform offers is neigh-unlimited, and the same goes for email accounts.

Website handling is done through a custom dashboard where all of the data and essential tools are readily available.

Some of the features include WordPress website building and free transferring for certain websites. Besides this, SiteGround also has excellent features for developers, with very expansive options for higher-tier users. It also allows for live site editing through its staging feature.

The abundance of hosting features is particularly useful if you run a website with plenty of traffic.

Reason #6. There Are Advanced Security Options

The systems that SiteGround uses for detecting and preventing viruses or malware are very sophisticated. Most issues can be dealt with instantly, but the hosting provider pays particular attention to prevention and maintains a proactive approach to security.

Launched over four years ago, SiteGround’s AI platform against malicious bots has been proven to be especially useful in blocking brute force hacking attempts. The system can prevent up to 2 million hacking bot attacks per hour.

And that’s not the only security feature available.

When it comes to other types of hacking, SiteGround can isolate compromised websites so that other sites on the same server aren’t left vulnerable. This feature isn’t very common among hosting services, which gives SiteGround an edge in terms of cybersecurity.

For WordPress users, outdated plugins can present a considerable security risk. SiteGround alleviates this issue by managing updates regularly. Also, the hosting service can assist you with keeping your website safe if there are coding issues.

Hack Alert is another security feature of SiteGround that provides early warning in case there’s a hacking backdoor somewhere in your website’s coding. This system can detect hidden malware and give you an alert before the malicious program activates.

On the subject of SiteGround’s datacentres, it’s worth noting that these are secured to the highest safety standards. The power supply is backed up by UPS and power generators, featuring multiple feeds. Security staff monitors data centres throughout the entire day while the access points are biometrically secured.

On top of all that, there’s constant video surveillance to ensure quick response to any emergencies. And if any part of the equipment malfunctions, replacement components are readily available for every part of the servers.

Reason #7. You Get Transparent Business and Community Support

SiteGround functions with more transparency than is usual for large companies. The hosting service’s offers are straightforward and signing up is simple and free of hustle. And if you’re thinking about working with SiteGround, you’ll be able to learn most of what you need to know about the service right from their website.

Even better, SiteGround provides the IP address of each data centre they run. Potential users can then use the addresses to test site speed and responsiveness before choosing a plan. This shows that SiteGround cares about user experience and that the service is confident in the quality they deliver.

SiteGround also spends plenty of resources on community support. The hosting service is known to sponsor and send representatives to various community events and provides particular support to communities that rely on volunteer work.

Reason #8. Offers Hosting in the Global Market

SiteGround is oriented towards global business. The company is from Bulgaria, an emerging East European tech hub. Since the Bulgarian market isn’t very expansive on its own, servicing the global market comes naturally for SiteGround.

As a participant in the worldwide competition, this hosting service invests extra effort to keep its place in the industry. This includes conducting business in various currencies, providing local support, and offering domains for particular countries.

This might be a significant benefit for users in Australia and outside of the U.S. since many hosting services tend to revolve around the North American market.

Find the Perfect Hosting Solution for Your Website

SiteGround has many features that can prove vastly beneficial, from excellent load speed to security. The hosting service provides an abundance of tools to help you improve and maintain your website, and different plans come with useful perks.

Because of its many benefits, SiteGround counts among the platforms that Automation Agency supports. That being said, our Concierge Service can set up a number of other platforms that could be as reliable as SiteGround.

If you want another option that’s superior to most others, know that Automation Agency offers an excellent hosting service as part of the Concierge Plan. Contact us via this link and we’ll get your website online right away.

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