Why Retargeting Should Be a Crucial Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Carl Taylor | August 9, 2021

With a solid retargeting campaign, you can improve conversion rates, among others. Here are the fundamental reasons why you should include this tactic in your marketing efforts.

The fact is, the primary purpose of every website is to convert visitors. That’s why when you set up your site, you expect it to do just that. Naturally, you don’t think every person who visits will end up buying something. But you still hope for some decent results.

However, the reality is quite different. The vast majority of visitors – about 92% of them – aren’t ready to make a purchase.

That number might seem staggering. Since they’ve come to your website, those people are clearly interested in your service or product. Yet, they aren’t converting, which could make you think there’s something wrong with the website.

There’s no need to worry – your site’s probably fine.

But the reason most people don’t purchase has to do with touchpoints.

Statistics show that an average customer requires at least seven touchpoints with your brand before they decide to buy. However, with the high saturation of modern digital advertising, that number could be even higher.

Retargeting is a marketing tactic designed to increase the number of touchpoints a customer has with a brand. The process works by showing your ads to people who visited your website as they surf the internet, exposing them further to your offers. It’s a powerful tool for your marketing strategy.

Here’s how a retargeting campaign usually goes.

Everything starts with an invisible pixel that you add to your website. That pixel is actually a tool that tags every visitor and feeds the data to software that creates a list. This tool now enables you to track visitors according to their behaviour, current funnel location, activity on your site, and other parameters.

That data is used in bidding on ads that will be featured on various other websites, maximising the likelihood that your visitors will come across your brand later on as they browse. Furthermore, you can customise the retargeting ads according to specific data.

Depending on what your visitors previously viewed or purchased, your ads can create a sense of urgency by promoting special time, quantity, or price-based offers.

Retargeting might seem somewhat excessive at first. If a visitor came to your website, saw the products or services you offer, and chose to leave the site, it’s plausible that they aren’t interested or ready to buy. Presenting them with more ads could appear counterproductive.

However, continual exposure to your brand can have a positive influence.

There’s a phenomenon in psychology known as the mere-exposure effect, which relates to the human tendency to like the things we see more of. This effect makes retargeting a valuable aspect of digital marketing.

You can employ different retargeting techniques and structures to make this tactic more efficient. However you choose to go about it, retargeting can contribute to your campaign as its essential part.

Here are the eight greatest benefits you’ll experience from retargeting.

The Eight Benefits of Retargeting

Benefit #1. Leads Go Through the Funnel More Quickly

Retargeting can function as a great tool to move leads down through the funnel, especially if you tailor your content to match the current stage. If you want to speed up your funnelling, it would be best to use fresh content for retargeting your potential customers.

People who left your website without making a purchase likely won’t change their mind if your retargeting ad leads them to the same page. Directing them towards new content would be a much more effective approach.

If you want something fresh that will resonate with your leads, Automation Agency can help you design an amazing landing page to serve that purpose.

Benefit #2. You Can Unlock Cross-Selling Opportunities

A great way to boost your sales is to retarget customers based on previous purchases. In that case, the ads you present to leads should be for a product similar to the one they’ve already bought.

Cross-selling is a highly successful sales tactic that you can greatly improve through your retargeting campaign.

Benefit #3. Your Brand Awareness Grows

One of the main benefits of retargeting is that it helps you keep your brand more visible. People will remember your branding once it starts popping up on other websites, which is a sure way to raise awareness.

However, you should bear in mind that retargeting for brand awareness purposes should be done in good measure. While you want to keep reminding customers of your brand, pushing the retargeting campaign too aggressively could cause an adverse effect.

Ideally, your retargeting should keep you visible without becoming annoying.

Benefit #4. You’ll Maximise Your Marketing Reach

Although whatever advertising system you’re using would grant you some reach, retargeting can expand it considerably. If you’re relying on specific platforms for ads, having various other websites available for advertising will undoubtedly be beneficial.

Additionally, retargeting ads are less expensive in comparison. This means you’ll gain access to marketing even on high-profile websites at a very reasonable cost.

And you aren’t limited to ad space on websites, either – retargeting ads can work on different apps across most smart devices.

Benefit #5. You Can Learn More About Your Audience

Using regular ads gives you some information about your audience. But with retargeting, you can better understand the customers who visit your website and click on your ads.

Retargeting campaigns can be adjusted in such a way that specific audience members get tailored ads relative to previously visited pages. Comparing your site traffic data with how retargeting ads perform will give you a more detailed insight into your audience’s online behaviour.

Benefit #6. Your Offers Can Be Tailor-Made

On the subject of adjusting your retargeting ads, your campaign can become much more flexible by targeting specific audiences. Since you can base retargeting ads on pages visited, subsequent offers that you present to customers on other websites can be more in line with their interests.

It would be best to avoid having retargeting ads on the same subject as what visitors already saw on your website. With the additional data at your disposal, your campaign can cover more angles and make your offer appealing and personalised.

Benefit #7. There’s a Second Chance to Attract Customers

While it’s true that a very small percentage of website visitors convert,  that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t interested.

Customers who bounce might have various reasons for leaving your website.

Maybe they got distracted by a phone call or a friend stopping by, or something else required their immediate attention. Naturally, this won’t be the case for every visitor. But if there’s a chance to regain their interest, you would be wise to use it.

Retargeting gives you the opportunity to prompt customers to revisit your offer. Additionally, you can use that chance to provide some detailed information that might’ve been lacking on your homepage.

According to research, more people have a positive, rather than a negative, reaction to retargeting ads. This might be an indication that retargeting does, in fact, serve to remind people of specific offers that they missed for one reason or another.

Benefit #8. You Can Boost Conversions

If you have an enticing offer and present your products or services correctly, more traffic should always produce more leads. And when you retarget customers who have already visited your website, you’re nurturing those leads.

Statistically, retargeting gives you a better chance at increasing the number of conversions.

You can further improve those chances by targeting people who seem interested in making a purchase. In fact, these opportunities aren’t only theoretical. Many companies saw a noticeable increase in their conversion rates after they started using retargeting ads.

Retargeting Makes the Most of Your Marketing Campaign

The modern digital marketing landscape is very competitive. And with constant changes in strategies and mechanisms, the race to win the attention of your audience keeps speeding up. Limiting your options to either quantity or quality is no longer viable – your campaign must have it all.

Retargeting allows you to up the ante in every aspect.

With a broadened reach, messaging that’s customised according to your audience, and numerous options for providing the right incentive for potential buyers, retargeting should be a vital part of your strategy.

The most common mistake when getting into retargeting is to approach this tactic as a second thought. If you want to make the most of it, it would be best to plan for retargeting from the start:

You can hardly go wrong with dedicating about a quarter of your ad spend to retargeting.

Its most significant impact will come from improving the funnel sections that are usually the most problematic – the lower and middle sections. People in those funnel locations usually need some reconnection, a reminder, or a slight nudge towards making the purchase, which is exactly what retargeting can accomplish.

Of course, setting up an additional campaign to supplement your main marketing strategy means more work and potential challenges.

Automation Agency can help you get your retargeting strategy ready in no time. We can put all of the technical aspects in place, such as applying retargeting pixels and tracking codes and even setting up landing pages for your different offers.

If you want reliable, professional assistance with all of these matters, contact us on this link and let our Concierge Service handle your retargeting needs.

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