Why We Update WordPress And You Should Be Too

Wordpress Updating

If you run your site on WordPress you need to be doing this…

Everyone I know that runs their business on a WordPress site is a very busy person. This is one of the reasons we have specialized in concierge service. We give you back your most precious asset and that is time.

Even if you are not currently a client I would like to share with you some information on a most this VITAL task.

What is this VITAL task?

It is actually fairly simple to do but easy to put off…

Updating your WordPress core.

There are many forms of updating in WordPress. These forms include plug-ins, themes and of course the core WordPress code that runs everything else. I have logged in to many sites and seen  that banner announcing the new version of WordPress at the top of the dashboard and I know you have too.

What’s the big deal about updating WordPress?

It’s really simple 82 percent of WordPress sites that are hacked have not been updated. That number is staggering with another 16 percent of the hacks could be prevented by implementing proper security practices.

Other reasons for updating include …

  • Bug fixes
  • New or improved features
  • Performance
  • “82 percent of WordPress sites that are hacked have not been updated.”

Bugs can be one of the most aggravating and time consuming problems in any piece of software much less one that you rely on to earn a living or building your future empire. When there is an update they provide a update log that details what bugs have been fixed. There are also major flaws that are discovered from time to time and patched quickly by WordPress. These can be exploited by many criminals out there today if you do not update regularly.

Getting new features or updating current ones can be like opening presents during the holidays.

They can improve or simplify how you use WordPress for your business.

As we all know performance is something we must focus on. Experts say that we have 6-8 seconds to load our site and get the new prospect reading. If we do not then audios out the door they go.

So, trust me  …UPDATE… (There is one cavet here. If you are using plugins that are no longer updated they can be broken by upgrading.)

How often should you login and let it check for updates?

Ideally you should be logging in and checking for updates daily! What? You heard me.

Yes, Daily. Why?

Simple, those bugs I mentioned before can be devastating if someone applies one against your site. In some cases these hackers write a piece of code that searches out sites that are vulnerable. They can search thousands of sites in minutes. Still think you will never get hacked?

Check out this infographic for the complete process of updating WordPress you should be following.

Updating Infographic of WordPress




























This is a infographic that the people over at WPbeginner created about the updating process.

Updating properly can seem like a big chore. Backing up before updating and on a regular basis is just the proper thing to do.

This is also an area that many site owners neglect.

When your site is your business I recommend that you follow the steps to the letter.

I don’t have the time!

This is the most common reason that we WordPress users do not update our sites. We see the box at the top of our dashboard that encourages us to update but we where already doing something else and it slips to the back of our mind.

Our staff at Automation Agency manage and update hundreds of websites per week. If you would like to free up your time and guarantee things get done then check out our service here.


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