Your Posts on Social Media – What You Need to Know to Craft Compelling Content for the Major Platforms

Do your posts have the power to compel the masses? Discover the subtle art of social media engagement.

Did you know that most of the people in the world are plugged into one social media platform or another?

According to statistics, 45% of the world population or approximately 3.5 billion people are social media users in 2019.

And they don’t just use it to connect with family and friends.

More than half of social media users use the platforms to research products, according to GlobalWebIndex. New users join because they’re looking for recommendations and reviews from other users.

Are you on the major social media platforms?

If not, you’re really missing out on some great opportunities. There’s a huge audience on social media and they’re always looking for new and valuable content.

It’s your job to provide it to them!

But putting out great posts isn’t as easy as coming up with a couple of sentences and hitting the “post’ button. There’s a certain art to drawing your audience in and making them want more.

If you’re searching for ways to entice your audience, you’ve come to the right place. Discover the tricks and tips for creating compelling posts for all your content.

The Tricks

Are you ready to take your social media posts to the next level? Try one or more of these tricks the next time you want to post:

Tip #1 – Use Images to Catch the Eye

Social media is a very visual place. Nobody wants to see bodies of text when they browse. That’s why it’s so important to use compelling images in your posts.

Readers want something to look at when they’re on social media.

The great news is, you can mix it up a little and also include short videos and infographics. Even the occasional short video could work well in your posts.

If the prospect of designing your own images for posts sends you into a fit, here’s more good news for you: You can hire a professional.

Automation Agency knows exactly what you need to make your posts enticing. We can handle a variety of tasks, like designing ad images that comply with Facebook’s guidelines.

We can also help you with that feature image for your blog post. If you truly want to catch your readers’ attention, send a request to our Concierge Service today.

Tip #2 – Offer Checklists

Checklists are another great way to grab attention. By their very nature, they’re easy to digest. You know what they’re about when you look at them and they provide valuable content. And both of these aspects are ideal when posting for social media.

Yes, checklists are all over the place. But the tried-and-true methods are sometimes the way to go because they have a proven track record.

Just make sure that you provide new and valuable content to the reader. Lists are popular because they’re easy to read. But you can change it up a little by using innovative, or even controversial, topics for your lists.

For example, every industry has pain points and the common ones have probably been featured over and over again in the past.

But what about the ones that no one likes to talk about?

You can address pain points that everybody knows about but is hesitant to bring up. Not only do you add a new perspective into the ring, but you may get a few new leads if you can provide solutions.

Automation Agency can help with creating checklists that get the reader’s attention. It could be as simple as removing image backgrounds to make your checklist stand out. Or if you have a call to action, we can install lead captures on your website. Just send in a task to get the ball rolling.

Tip #3 – Put the Bulk of the Content on a Landing Page

When social media users log onto their preferred platform, they don’t want to read an encyclopedia’s worth of text. That’s because a wall of text is daunting for any social media users.

So where can you put the bulk of your content?

Not in your social media posts, that’s for sure! At least, you shouldn’t if you expect people to read it.

Readers scan your content for pieces of information. And the less there is to read, the more they’re likely to get through the entire post.

That doesn’t mean that your content isn’t worthy of reading. It just doesn’t belong in your social media posts.

Instead, save that content for your landing page and put the most important information in your social media posts. Lead with your main idea and follow with a call to action inviting users to learn more at your landing page.

Tease and entice readers. Then make sure that your landing page has the right information and is error-free. Nothing puts visitors off more than a slew of errors when they first arrive on a company page.

If you think you need help, or maybe an update for your landing page, Automation Agency can help with that, too!

Don’t make the mistake of doing all that work only to find that your landing page isn’t up to par. Let the professionals design a landing page that gives users exactly what they expect.

Tip #4 – The Right Story Goes a Long Way

You need the right story to go with your social media posts. Users expect a certain amount of connection with what they’re reading. And nothing does it better than discussing real experiences.

These experiences can come in a variety of forms, depending on your brand and industry. You can tell stories about yourself or members of your team so that readers can associate a human face with the company. Or you can use testimonials and success stories to relate to readers on a personal level.

Remember, though, that posts shouldn’t be about you exclusively. Readers want to know about your product, service, or industry, not necessarily you or your company specifically. So, you can tell your story and how you came up with the company’s great idea, but that shouldn’t be the only thing your posts address.

Consider sprinkling in stories about what others are doing in the industry. Or you can include stories about how your product or service impacted your followers’ lives.

Tip #5 – Keep It Current and On Trend

Pop culture trends move at the speed of light. What’s “hot” today may be yesterday’s news tomorrow. So if you want to produce great social media posts, you do need to keep track of what’s trending in the world.

Of course, it isn’t necessary to use cultural references and trends with every post. However, you can capitalise on a trend’s popularity by using them at the right time and in the right way.

Think about it this way…

A huge chunk of online searches is for information on trends like current pop culture. If you tie your content into these trends, you can boost your exposure because it appears in search results. You may even receive more shares and likes because of it.

You don’t need to force the issue, though.

If your current piece of content is a masterpiece but makes no mention of current trends, you don’t need to put it on the backburner. Tying pop culture references into content only works if it works for you and your individual needs.

Tip #6 – Leverage Social Proof to Highlight Expertise

How do you highlight expertise with social proof in posts?

It’s easy.

You get people to like, share, and engage with you.

The idea is to write compelling posts that speak to the reader. And you also need them to give a nod or a high-five about what you said.

Sometimes you just need to produce enticing posts to elicit the response you need. But most of the time, though, you need to use the power of the call to action.

Ask for stories, testimonials, and even shares. Users will see others engaging with you and trust that your expertise is real. After all, other people believe in you too.

Elevate Your Social Media Posts Today

Savvy content planners and writers know that the art of posting is all in the way you present yourself. You only have a few sentences to convey so many messages. So, you need to make sure those characters count.

Use images and social proof to entice readers and highlight your expertise in the industry. Remember, readers are always looking for new and valuable content so you can use proven formats. Or you can also rock the boat a little.

The choice is up to you.

But if you need a little extra help, the professionals are just a contact page away.

Automation Agency can help design compelling images for your posts or streamline your landing page. Whether you need help with the creative side of things or you need technical help to bring in leads, we have the solutions for you. Send a task to our Concierge Service to find out how we can help you ensure that your posts stand out on different platforms.

And if you’re not yet a member, look up our Right Fit Chatbot to see if we’re a good fit for your business.

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