How Ontraport Helped Learning Herbs Generate $4 Million in Sales

How Ontraport Helped Learning Herbs Generate $4 Million in Sales featured image

Ontraport can do so much more than automate your email campaigns. Find out how one company used it to generate millions in sales and what you can do to emulate them. Ontraport stands out from many other automation platforms because of its great visualisations. You can use it to track your customers’ journeys through every…

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Growing Leads by 450% Using Infusionsoft (Yvonne’s Story)

Infusionsoft makes interacting with clients easier than ever before. But did you know that you can use it to grow your leads? Here’s the story of one client who did just that and some tips to help you do it yourself. A quality Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform can help you achieve so much. That’s…

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How Approve Me Used ActiveCampaign to Grow Profits by 1600%

How ApproveMe Used ActiveCampaign to Grow Profits by 1,600% image

So you have ActiveCampaign and have started to get to grips with automation. Now, let’s look at some ways to turn the platform into a profit-making machine. You have ActiveCampaign and you’ve created a few basic automations. In most cases, people use the platform to manage their marketing campaigns. You may already have a few…

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4 Ways You Can Use Ontraport for Task Automation

4 Ways You Can Use Ontraport for Task Automation Ontraport allows you to visualise how customers flow through your various funnels. But it’s also an automation tool. Here are four ways you can take advantage of this for your business Ontraport is a comprehensive tool that allows you to manage an array of processes. Many…

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Growing an Email List by 700% Using ActiveCampaign (A Teton Sports Case Study)

Growing an Email List by 700% Using ActiveCampaign (A Teton Sports Case Study) The larger your email list, the more clients you can target with your ActiveCampaign automations. You can use the platform to build a solid email list. You’re likely using ActiveCampaign right now to run some automated email campaigns. The platform makes it…

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The 5 Best Scheduling Apps for Coaches in 2018

Best_scheduling_apps (1)

As a business coach, your calendar is your lifeline. Without it, you’d be an unorganized mess — and your business would surely suffer. Between hosting webinars, business meetings, and client calls, each minute of your day is planned out. But unfortunately, trying to schedule each and every task can be time-consuming and frustrating. When you…

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HTML vs Plain Text Email: You Can (And Should!) Use Both in Your Business


Email is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers, clients, and leads. Between drip campaigns, newsletters, and promotions, the ways to promote your business through email are endless. But while there might not be a real debate over whether or not email is effective for marketing, there has been a…

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What “Not Secure” Means in Chrome’s Address Bar (And How to Fix It on Your Site)


If you’re a Google Chrome user, you might have noticed certain icons next to domains in the address bar when browsing online. These icons include a green lock, a gray “i” inside a gray circle, and a red triangle with a white exclamation point in the center. While these icons may sneak by unnoticed, they…

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5 Business Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Follow


As business owners, we’re constantly absorbing new content. From blog posts to webinars, everyone seems to have a story to tell and information to share. This is great for entrepreneurs because there is always something new to learn. However, skimming through blog posts can get old and watching videos can be time-consuming. When you’re constantly…

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High-Performance WordPress Hosting, Reviewed (2018)


WordPress is one of the best tools for creating high-powered websites for any business. In fact, WordPress runs almost 30% of the entire internet. However, for small businesses, entrepreneurs, or coaches, running and managing a WordPress site can be too much of a time commitment. When you need to update your pages, troubleshoot problems, and monitor security,…

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