How Joan Used Ontraport to Gain the Same Number of Sign-ups in a Month as She Got During the Previous Year

Carl Taylor | March 4, 2019

How Joan Used Ontraport to Gain the Same Number of Sign-ups in a Month as She Got During the Previous Year

Ontraport doesn’t just help you to manage client details and create email campaigns. You can also use it to increase sign-ups.

Ontraport helps you to automate your marketing in a variety of ways. You can use it to map your customer’s journey from initial contact through to full conversion. It also gives you access to data that can inform your marketing campaigns.

It’s also ideal for helping you to increase the number of leads that you get via your marketing strategies. And once you have those leads, Ontraport can help you do what you need to do with them.

Let’s come back to getting more leads for a moment. You may have a product or service that requires customers to sign up before they can access it. Or, you may run an email campaign that encourages signing up so that customers receive special offers.

Whatever the case may be, this case study shows you how you can use Ontraport to increase your sign-ups.

The Case Study – Joan Randall

Joan Randall has had a tumultuous journey through life.

At one point in her life, she was a victim of severe domestic abuse. She describes herself as being “beaten, broke, and homeless” when she was at her lowest ebb.

Yet somehow, Joan managed to turn all of that around. She started working for Macy’s and managed to rise through the ranks. In the process, she reclaimed her life and survived the abuse that had defined her for so many years.

It’s an inspiring story and Joan recognized that it could help many more people. That’s why she decided to found her own coaching business that’s focused on helping people achieve personal transformation.

Joan wanted to get the word out about her new venture and encourage more sign-ups to her program. She turned to Ontraport to do it.

How Joan Used Ontraport

Joan started using Ontraport in December 2017. She’s achieved amazing results so far, which we’ll get to in a moment.

First, let’s look at the three key techniques behind her success.

Order Streamlining

Joan says that she felt like a hamster on a wheel during the first 18 months of running her own business. She used all sorts of different sales processes to attract sign-ups. Unfortunately, none of those processes talked to each other, which left her with a fractured system.

She streamlined the entire process using Ontraport. Now, customers follow a simple set-up steps:

  • Customers hit her landing page, which advertises a range of her products.
  • They choose their purchases and send their details across.
  • The payment gets processed using a gateway that’s integrated into Ontraport.
  • Ontraport automatically adds shipping information to a fulfilment list. This goes to the warehouse without any intervention from Joan.
  • Ontraport then sends an automated email that thanks the customer for the order.

Furthermore, Joan can use Ontraport to plug these customer details into other automations. Ultimately, this leads to more sign-ups for her coaching programs.

Lead Nurturing

Generating leads is only part of the battle. You also have to nurture them for them to convert into sign-ups and customers.

Joan uses Ontraport to nurture her leads. Here’s how it works:

  • She offers a free PDF resource to generate leads. Customers sign up and their details get added to Ontraport automatically.
  • Ontraport enters the details into an automated sales funnel, which sends follow-up emails.

Before this, Joan had to wait to receive the customer data from a landing page. Then, she manually entered that data into her automation software to get it into her funnel.

That manual step opened the door for human error, which meant she lost some potential sign-ups. Using Ontraport to automate that process means she nurtures every lead she receives. Again, this results in more total sign-ups for her programs.

Automated Consultations

Joan needs to make the best possible use of her time to ensure her clients receive what they expect from her coaching programs.

That’s why she uses Ontraport to automate her consultation process. Instead of sending emails back and forth, Ontraport takes the process out of her hands.

Here’s how it works:

  • Joan uses Ontrapage to build a landing page. On that page, she installs a form that she also built using Ontraport.
  • Customers sign up to her coaching program using the form.
  • Instead of going into email automation, they’re sent to a calendar. There, they can select the best time for them to meet Joan based on the time she has available.

Joan integrates this calendar into Ontraport so that her schedule updates automatically.

Better yet, Ontraport then adds the customer into an automation that sends follow-up emails on Joan’s behalf.

It’s simple and encourages more sign-ups to the program. Plus, Joan doesn’t have to worry about losing track of her appointments.

The Results

Joan used Ontraport to launch new landing pages for her range of services and products. Each of these sends details into Ontraport automation, which handle all of the follow-ups for her. That means she’s streamlined her processes and doesn’t lose out on leads thanks to human error.

Joan started using Ontraport in December 2017. She says that she achieved more sign-ups in that one month than she did for the entirety of the previous year.

That’s the power of using Ontraport to automate and streamline your processes.

Three More Tips for Getting More Out of Ontraport

Joan’s story shows just how powerful Ontraport is when it comes to streamlining your lead generation. The techniques she used made her processes more effective, which led to many more sign-ups for her programs.

There are several more things that you can do to encourage people to sign up to your service. Here are three more tips to add to what you’ve learned from Joan.

Tip #1 – Create Must-Have Graphics For Your Landing Pages

Joan’s story highlights how important your landing pages are for getting more sign-ups. You can use Ontraport to build powerful landing pages.

However, you also need to create graphics that inspire people once they hit those landing pages.

Here’s an interesting stat for you. Only 10% of people remember the information that they hear after three days. By contrast, 65% of people remember if that information comes with a visual element that reinforces it.

You want your service to stay in the minds of customers so that they remember you if they need what you’re offering.

That means your landing page needs to have some key graphical elements. We’ve created a blog post that covers this in much more detail.

Integrate these image types into your landing page to attract more sign-ups.

Tip #2 – Create Opt-In Offers

Joan used an opt-in offer to great effect in her campaign. She created a PDF guide for people to download. All they had to do was send her their details. From there, she could plug them into her funnel and attract more sign-ups.

There are all sorts of things that you can use to create opt-in offers. These include cheat sheets, whitepapers, and workbooks.

The key is that you’re offering something for free to get people to talk to you.

We can help you to transform boring documents into opt-in goodies that inspire people to get in touch. Plus, we can build the forms and automations you need to turn those opt-ins into customers who sign up to your service.

Tip #3 – Take Advantage of Ontraport’s Page Builder

We’ve already discussed the importance of using the right images on your landing page. But you need to have the landing page in the first place to put those images to good effect.

That’s where Ontraport’s own page building platform comes in.

Ontrapages allows you to create landing pages that integrate easily with everything else the platform offers. You build landing pages that work and rely less on third-party systems.

Again, we can help you here. With our help, you can use Ontrapages to develop landing pages that become lead magnets.

The Takeaway

Joan achieved massive success after she started using Ontraport. The automations she applied to her processes gave her a massive boost in sign-ups.

And she’s only scratched the surface. There’s plenty more than you can do in Ontraport that helps you to generate and convert more leads.

Automation Agency can help you to apply all of these techniques. Just send a task to our team to get started. Plus, you can download our Outsourced Task Ideas for Ontraport Users guide to find out about other tasks that we offer.

Or maybe you’re not working with us yet and want to see if we’re a good fit? If that’s the case, talk to our Right Fit Chatbot to see what we can do for you.

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