How NRF Australia Started Getting Things Done By Emailing Tasks

How NRF Australia Started Getting Things Done B y emailing Tasks

Are you wondering what it is like to be one of our clients?

We thought you might be…

Let me introduce you to Melina Young From NRF Australia.

I recently got to interview her and the answers blew me away!

What services where you using before you found Automation Agency and how was that going?

I have tried doing the work myself as a “self taught” web page designer and also tried another company and trying Fivver / Upwork to source my own help.  I found the attention to detail and turn around times with the other service i was using was extremely poor.  The prior company expanded and grew way too fast and couldn’t keep up with their work load and forgot about their original customers in place of working on sales and new customers.   I found the relationship breakdown was terrible and I was feeling really lost and helpless in getting my businesses moving forward.   I also found the process of trying to source my own outsource workers very very time consuming and the communication barrier was a constant struggle.

What brought you to our service?

I was referred to you by Kristina Plimer from the Wealth Tutor after attending a session at the Entourage Development Centre as part of my Entrepreneurial Businesses Development Mentoring Program I am part of.

What was your first time using our service like?

It was very exciting, super easy and the quality of work and turn around blew me away.   As soon as I received my first completed task back on the SAME DAY and it was amazing, time after time every task I submit I am extremely thrilled with the result, the turn around, the follow up’s and updates on every task.

If someone were to ask you about us or they are considering joining our service what would you say to them?

If you want freedom in your business to focus on revenue generating activities, rather than getting bogged down in trying to be creative with your online marketing – whether you come from that background or not, I would absolutely advise all business owners to use the concierge services to not only save you time but also money.  The design work is brilliant, innovative and top notch and best of all, the customer service and relationship with the team assigned to my tasks is second to none!


We have many of our clients send us emails with similar to Melina’s answers.We love opening our email and seeing these type of unsolicited emails. We also like to hear feedback about improving our services.We know that our clients are busy people for them to take the time to send us these, all we can say is THANK YOU!

We look forward to working hard for you in the future!

Many Thanks goes to Melina Yung for taking time out of her crazy schedule to answer my questions.

Are you having the problems that Melina described in her interview?

Would you like to solve them and focus more on growing your site?

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