What Is SamCart (And Is It an Ideal Solution for Creators)?

What Is SamCart (And Is It an Ideal Solution for Creators)?

Carl Taylor | June 20, 2022

SamCart is a go-to eCommerce solution for creators and business owners who sell digital products and services. A variety of advanced features, plenty of customisation options, and detailed analytics are only a few of the many features this software has.

Many creators and business owners want to sell their products via a website. Doing so means they can reach more people and grow their businesses faster.

But before they can do that, their site needs shopping cart functionality. There are many options for doing this, ranging from simple to very complex.

However, SamCart may be the best one out of the crowd, especially for creators.

This article will dive deep to explore SamCart and its key features and ultimately helps you decide whether this platform is worth the investment for your particular needs.

What Is SamCart?

SamCart is an eCommerce platform founded in 2013 by Brian and Scott Moran. The site was designed for anyone who sells online services or digital products and wants to do so in a professional way.

There are plenty of features in SamCart that allow you to achieve different business goals. You can boost conversions, maximise customer value, and run your business worry-free.

More than 30,000 businesses have relied on this platform so far. There are more than 9.7 million products sold and over $2.2 billion processed.

You can sell plenty of other products and services with SamCart:

● eBooks. Sell your physical and digital books and watch the sales fly like never before.
● Membership sites. Set customised pricing, recurring subscriptions, etc.
● Online courses. Benefit from a comprehensive platform to set up everything you need to sell online courses.
● Consulting. Connect with new clients and set up an automated billing process with a worry-free payment system.
● Coaching. SamCart has all the tools you need to become a leading coach in your field.
● Digital items. There’s no limit to the type of digital products and services you can sell on this platform.

The primary target audience for SamCart is course creators, authors, coaches, consultants, agencies, Amazon and Etsy sellers, entrepreneurs, physical product sellers, and non-profits.

If you belong to any of these groups, keep reading to learn about the key benefits SamCart can bring to your business.

The Best of SamCart – Why Your Business Needs It

1. Sales Page Design

SamCart has all the tools you need to design converting sales pages for just about any digital product or service.

There is a drag-and-drop page builder for creating beautiful pages. The best thing about the builder is that you can use it without zero coding knowledge. Simply pick the content type you want (Headline, Bullet Lists, Images, Text, Buttons, Widgets, etc.), drag and drop it onto the page, and edit however you like.

A beautiful collection of pre-designed templates is another great feature that helps you create stunning sales pages. Simply scroll through the selections, plug in a product, and start selling. Just as with the page builder, you don’t need to apply any code to set up the templates.

As for the products you can sell, there are no limits in terms of type or quantity. You can sell as few or as many products as you want. And as you set up your sales page, you can customise it to fit your target market location – it can be in any language or currency so that your customers across the world can have an easy time making purchases.

You can further speed up the checkout process with “one-touch” purchases through Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Finally, you can set up your own domain name for your sales pages to match your branding.

2. Huge Range of Integrations

Working with SamCart doesn’t deprive you of any important integrations. The platform lets you work with more than 750 tools.

As far as email integrations are concerned, SamCart supports most trending solutions, including Ontraport, Active Campaign, MailChimp, iContact, and Drip.

Popular membership platform integrations include WishList Member, Thinkific, Post Affiliate Pro, Digital Access Pass, Membermousr, and Optimize Member.

Webinar service providers can relax knowing SamCart allows Zapier integrations with WebinarJam and GoToWebinar.

For everyone selling fulfillment services, ShipStation is the only native option. However, Zapier integration lets sellers connect to other fulfillment service integrations that may be better for their businesses.

3. Bump Sales, One-Click Upsells, and Other Sales Tools

SamCart has plenty of features that allow you to generate more sales. For starters, you can turn a single deal into three or four by implementing pre-purchase Order Bumps. This feature lets every customer go on a shopping spree by adding different add-ons to your products. You can choose multiple products for this and let customers add them to their orders just before they check out. You can tweak the content type on each page, creating a fully customised shopping experience for each product.

Another signature feature at SamCart is its one-click upsells. Think about how easy it is to purchase more than one item from your Amazon order. That’s what one-click upsells can do for your store as well. This feature allows you to present a customer with an extra deal just after they make an initial purchase, letting them tack the offer with a single click. This feature alone can increase your sales by up to 70%, and you can use it to sell all your services.

The one-click upsell offers are super customisable and can be installed in less than a minute.

4. One-Page Checkout Functionality

With the one-page functionality, you get to add different payment options to a single checkout page. This means you can use a single page to sell a $199 course and offer a payment plan to the customer.

For other shopping cart pages, the system may need you to create a separate checkout page to sell the course.

The benefit of this feature is that you can keep the visitor on the page while they decide on the best payment method for the product.

Ability to Welcome Affiliates

SamCart offers content creators and sellers endless opportunities to boost their sales and working with the Affiliate Center is one of them. This feature lets you create your own Affiliate Signup Page for affiliates to apply. You can build your army of promotional partners and have them sell your products on your behalf.

The affiliate management feature is so advanced that you don’t even have to spend extra time promoting your services or products. You don’t have to pay for marketing or ads because having an affiliate spread the word about your offers helps you generate sales much faster. You only need to pay the affiliate once they make a sale.

Note that the Affiliate Center feature is only available to Premium plan SamCart users.

5. The A/B Testing Functionality

A/B split testing is a crucial part of every selling process. You need to check whether your efforts are headed in the right direction and be able to tweak your strategies accordingly.

You can split test your opt-in pages, templates, testimonials, removing fields, headlines, sales pages, email subject lines, and any other element. In short, SamCart lets you optimise everything with the A/B testing capabilities for every page of your eCommerce store. In turn, you get to increase your conversion rate and boost revenue without relying on third-party tools.

6. Automatic Coupons

Most consumers love coupons. They’re exciting, thrilling, and help save money for purchasing things we love.

And when it comes to your business, it’s a perfect way to increase sales fast. SamCart allows you to automate the process for the buyer during the purchase. You can customise coupons for just about any product you want and choose between daily, monthly, or lifetime options.

7. Professional Templates

SamCart has 18 shopping cart templates built to convert. Each page is mobile-friendly and has a “sandbox” mode that lets you check if all elements are in order before publishing the page. Other platforms make you publish the page first before testing it, giving SamCart apparent leverage.

The fact that plenty of professional marketers uses this platform to design their sales pages can save you time on developing and testing your own pages. You can leverage their experience to bring immediate results to your sales and marketing campaigns.

Plus, all checkout page templates have built-in testimonials, guarantees, security reassurances, and other trust-building components that let you maximise your conversion rate.

8. Subscription Saver

Missed or declined payments are an online business owner’s worst nightmare. There’s nothing more annoying than getting missed payments due to expired credit cards, canceled cards, and similar nuisances.

SamCart has a super helpful feature that allows you to send automated emails to the customer whenever their payment fails. The email will contain a link where a customer can update their payment information straight from the inbox.

This way, you’re protected against declined payments. Plus, it saves time from having to chase down the customer who couldn’t complete their payment.

SamCart will automatically cancel the subscription of customers who don’t update their payment information after receiving several emails. The system will also mark them as “delinquent” so you can contact them or know not to accept a future engagement from them.

9. Detailed Reports

SamCart has a pretty decent report system. You’ll have access to detailed sales breakdowns, subscriptions, refunded products, upsell funnels, and more. The Subscription Saver feature we mentioned above lets you track any activity related to your subscription programs as well.

The “Prospects” section, on the other hand, lets you track customers who never completed their checkout process. You can see their contact details, a list of products they planned on buying, and the date of the intended purchase. This data can help you follow up with the prospective buyer and maybe offer them a discount if they agree to continue with the purchase.

You can export all your SamCart reports as. CSV files for added functionality and convenience.

Making Shopping Easier

Running an eCommerce store is a great way to sell digital products, and SamCart is one of the best platforms for kickstarting the process. Getting to work with beautiful design options, numerous integrations, and detailed reports can help you boost revenue and client engagement with minimal effort.

If you’re interested in setting up your own store but would like an expert’s hand, Automation Agency can help. We can assist you in integrating SamCart into your website and guide you through every step of the way. This way, you’ll maximise your chances of success. Learn more about how we can help kickstart your SamCart implementation by visiting our website and scheduling a demo today.

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