7 Onboarding Sequence Ideas To Wow New Clients

When you bring new clients into your business, does the initial process make them say WOW? Does it make them immediate fans of your company? Or does it bore them? Or worse, leave them confused?

When a new client first joins your business, you have one chance to make a killer first impression. After this impression is formed, it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to turn it around. You’ll always be working against yourself.

If you’re looking to transform your existing onboarding sequence, or create one from scratch, then this post is for you. Below you’ll learn what onboarding sequences are, why they’re so important, and seven sequence ideas you can use to wow your new clients right from the gate.

What Are Onboarding Sequences?

Like we mentioned above, getting someone to become a client is only half the battle. Now it’s your job to delight them enough so they stay with you in the long term.

What’s the most effective way to do that? With a killer onboarding sequence.

Your exact sequence will differ based upon your business and the action your client took. Essentially, it will be an automated sequence that is triggered when a customer or client takes a specific action.

For example, if a customer purchases a product, they will receive an automated email that thanks them and gives them crucial information and support.

Or, if a client signs up for a new service, they will receive an email that thanks them and sets expectations for future communication.

There are dozens of different onboarding sequences you can have running in your business based on your customer’s initial action.

Why Are Onboarding Sequences Important?

A lot of people believe that the moment you sign up a client or customer, you’ve “won”. All the hard work is over. But that isn’t the case.

A lot of customer churn takes place after the initial sign-up. That can happen for a variety of reasons, but usually it’s because they’re confused, don’t feel understood, or even lose interest entirely.

That is where your onboarding sequence comes in. The right onboarding sequence will put your customers at ease, set expectations for working with you, and excite them about working with you further.

You can even do this in a manner that isn’t automated. For instance, you could assign a manual action for a certain team member to send out a welcome email whenever a new client starts working with you.

7 Onboarding Sequence Ideas to Impress New Clients

If you’re looking to take your onboarding even further, here are seven incredibly useful ideas you can use in your onboarding sequence.

1. New Customer Welcome Email

When a customer or client starts working with you, you need to manage expectations or deliver the product right away. You can do that via a tool like Infusionsoft or ActiveCampaign.

The moment a purchase is made, this initial welcome email will be sent out automatically.

2. Review or Testimonial Request

Product reviews and client testimonials are an incredible way to provide social proof and even receive relevant feedback. After someone has been working with you long enough, it’s important to have a sequence that sends out a review request.

This can either be after a certain amount of time spent with your company, or after they’ve completed a certain number of actions.

3. Physical Gift/Product

Occasionally, you may want to send out physical gifts. If so, then you can integrate with services like Kunaki or Maillift. That will enable you to send physical DVDs or handwritten cards to your customers or clients.

Those can be great gifts that will help to make your business stand out. Whenever possible, go the extra mile to make a physical connection with your customers.

4. Product Shipping Update

If your company deals in the realm of physical products, then you don’t want to keep customers waiting. People love to track their products and receive updates when they arrive.

For that reason, setting up a sequence that alerts customers their product has shipped is very important.

5. SMS Alerts

SMS alerts are relatively new in the online marketing space. But they can be very valuable tools if you’re hosting any kind of live event, whether in person or online.

The more points of contact you can have with your customers, the better. By combining both email and SMS notifications, you’ll be at the front of your customers’ mind.

6. Product Training

If your customer just purchased a product or training series from you, then don’t keep them waiting. Set up a sequence of emails that brings them on board and shows them how to use your product.

That is a surefire way to keep them engaged in the long run.


7. Zapier Automation

Zapier can be used for a variety of purposes. Their automated integrations are powerful, because they can help you more successfully manage your client relationships.

For example, you could create an integration that allows you to sync new client details across all of your systems. That will ensure you never send them the wrong email or annoy them with irrelevant emails.

Setting up various onboarding sequences will take time. But you’ll save yourself a ton of time in the long run, while improving your customer relationships. If you’re looking for some assistance setting up your onboarding campaigns, then get in touch with us today.

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