Video Lead Generation: How to Convert Traffic into Leads with Wistia Turnstile

How to Convert Traffic into Leads with Wistia Turnstile1

4 minute readVideo is fast becoming the most important type of content for websites, blogs, and social media. The trend toward video is hardly surprising; it’s an engaging and stimulating medium for communication with very little effort from the viewer. More importantly, it’s also a good way to generate leads. Granted, this isn’t the first thing that comes to…

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5 Critical Places to Add Website Testimonials for Increased Conversions


5 minute readHaving positive feedback from customers on your website has been proven to increase conversions. A new customer is much more likely to use your services or buy your product if they know previous clients were satisfied. So satisfied in fact, that they put it in writing and let you put their words out there for the…

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How to Screencast With Screencast-O-Matic and Add the Video to Your Website


5 minute readVideo is leading the way when it comes to content creation. It’s becoming more and more popular on social media and websites alike, as an easy way for users to absorb information or learn new things. Video has also been shown to boost conversions. Videos of products, for example, can make viewers up to 85%…

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What Are Facebook Custom Audiences and Why Does Your Marketing Need Them?


5 minute readAs more and more marketers are using Facebook advertising, custom audiences and smart targeting are becoming increasingly important to ensure that your ads are viewed by the right people. With a Facebook custom audience, you can create a tailor-made audience from your existing customer database. This can be based on your mailing list, people who…

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Thinkific, Kajabi, or WordPress: Which Online Course Platform Is Best?


3 minute readCreating online courses can be incredibly lucrative and a great way to create additional income streams for your business. However, you need a system that supports you in your goals so you can focus on creating quality content that makes your members happy. You have a variety of tools and platforms at your disposal that’ll…

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How to Build a Membership Site With Ontraport and WordPress

how to build a membership site with ontraport and wordpress

4 minute readIf you’re curious about building out a membership site, then you’re in the right place. At first glance, membership sites can seem tricky. You need to choose the right platform, tools, membership model, and payment options — and that’s all before you even start creating content for the site. If all that sounds overwhelming, don’t…

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What Tools Do I Need To Build A Membership Site?


5 minute readI hear questions all the time about building a membership site. And I get it. Membership sites are a very interesting concept that can seem highly technical to the uninitiated. If you’re just getting started, then you probably have all kinds of questions. Should I use WordPress or an existing platform like Teachable? Can I…

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How to Follow Up With Attendees (And No-Shows) After Your Seminar

How to Follow Up With Attendees (And No-Shows) After Your Seminar

3 minute readCongrats, you pulled off a seminar event! Seminars take a lot of strategic planning and execution, so you’ve already accomplished something big. But now that your event is over, it’s time to follow up. Regardless of who attended and who didn’t. Who bought something and who didn’t. You can use this time to deepen the…

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How to Install the Facebook Pixel on Your Website

how to install facebook pixel

4 minute readThe Facebook Pixel is one of the most important aspects of their platform. This little pixel lets you run dynamic ads, track and optimize your conversions, and even do ad targeting. Facebook’s advertising platform is powerful, but all this power can bring confusion. Luckily, things just got a little easier. Below you’ll learn why you…

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5 Easy-to-Use Tools to Create Video Content for Your Membership Site

4 minute readIf you run a membership site, then you’re probably looking for ways to easily create stellar video content. Screencasting is becoming a very popular method of creating content. This style of video content allows you to explain things in depth, while visually showing people how to do specific things. It can be incredibly useful when…

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