Crafting the Perfect Subject Line – The Eight Tips That Get People Clicking

An email’s subject line is the first thing that any recipient sees. Make sure yours catches attention and gets clicks with these tips.   The average office worker receives 121 emails every single day. Add on the stuff they receive to their personal accounts and you have a lot of emails to skim through. Naturally,…

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When Is the Best Time to Send Email?

Best time to send email

Email can be one of the best ways to connect with your audience – when it’s used correctly. If you send your message at the wrong time, it could get lost in your client’s inbox. To improve open rates and increase click-throughs, it’s crucial you find the best time to send emails. Unfortunately, this is easier…

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5 Simple Video Editing Tools for Business Coaches

video editing tools for business coachesvideo editing tools for business coaches

Video is one of the most popular forms of content across the web. As a quick and easy way for your audience members to get information about you, having video as part of your content strategy is crucial for promoting your business. For business coaches specifically, video helps your potential clients get to know you…

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10 Blog Posts About the Future of Content Marketing You Should Read Right Now


The phrase content is king is as true as it’s ever been (even if it is a little clichéd by now!) Without content, you simply don’t have a digital marketing campaign. But it’s not enough to just have content filling up your website. Your content has be unique and engaging — otherwise, who will want to read…

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10 Tricks to Dramatically Increase Your Email Open Rate


Despite what some people might think, email marketing is not on its way out the door. In fact, it’s here to stay. Even though email is certainly not dead, it’s getting more difficult to do it well. And sending out a newsletter that no one opens or reads is, in many ways, worse than not…

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How to Ensure Your Emails Make It to Gmail’s Primary Inbox

get emails to gmail primary inbox

I recently received an email from a client asking if we would support ConvertKit. She wanted to change providers, because “ConvertKit can deliver into the Primary inbox instead of the Promotions inbox.” It’s a common misconception that the tool you use to send an email is more important than the content, but this simply isn’t…

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The Blog Promotion Checklist: What to Do After You Hit Publish

blog promotion checklist

Content marketing can be a very powerful tool in your arsenal and remains one of the most effective ways to grow your blog. According to Hubspot, “Companies that blog 15 or more times per month get 5x more traffic than companies that don’t blog.” But creating epic content is just the first step. The most…

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Don’t Write an Ebook!

The biggest mistake I see so many people make, and I’ll tell you about a client of mine in a moment, they go to a seminar or they go and see someone to talk to them about online marketing. And what they hear is, “You really need to give something away for free, the download,…

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What SEO Companies Don’t Want You To Know

So many people talk about SEO and “how do I get my content out there and get higher in the search engines”. What are The Core Fundamentals of SEO? SEO as far as I am concerned is dead. In fact, if you want to know the truth, SEO never really changed from its core fundamentals…

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Three Steps on How to Attract More Clients

Start Attracting More Clients by Doing These 3 Key Things 1. Publishing Your Content Regularly The first thing is you must be publishing your expertise and your content out there. You should be doing regular blog post, creating videos and infographics – getting a whole bunch of content out there that really shows people you…

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