5 Easy-to-Use Tools to Create Video Content for Your Membership Site

If you run a membership site, then you’re probably looking for ways to easily create stellar video content. Screencasting is becoming a very popular method of creating content. This style of video content allows you to explain things in depth, while visually showing people how to do specific things. It can be incredibly useful when…

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7 Tips for Choosing Website Images That Increase Conversions


I recently did a website critique for someone and one of the biggest things that stood out was the images they used. Instead of boosting their credibility and furthering their message, the images they used did the exact opposite. The pictures were random and poorly-chosen stock photos — they didn’t support their calls-to-action, or further…

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5 Ways to Increase Your Webinar Attendance

Webinars are great for sharing information, establishing thought leadership, and generating new leads. Successful webinars usually have an interesting topic, helpful information, and, perhaps most importantly, a fun and entertaining presentation style. No matter how well you’ve prepared, though, you may still worry about this question: What if nobody shows up? The average webinar attendance…

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